IPCC Enthusiastic to Be Involved in Patimban Operation

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 01/08/2018, 14:34

*Chiefy Adi K, President Director of PT IKT (IPCC)

IPC Car Terminal (IPCC/IKT), a
subsidiary of state port operator PT Pelindo II/IPC is so enthusiastic to be
involved in the operation of Patimban Port, Subang, West Java, a new mega port
that will be developed soon.

According to the plan, the development
of this port would start this month (August).

IPCC appreciates the
government plan to develop this port, expecting that IPCC will be appointed as
the operator of the car terminal of this new port.  

“Patimban’s can act as complementary
terminal for Tanjung Priok one,” Chiefy Adi K, President Director of PT IKT
(IPCC) said in a press release to Indonesia
Shipping Gazette
, adding that new car terminal is needed to anticipate the
car and heavy equipments market growth.

In the last ten years, he
said, the market grew up by 15%, and would be higher until 30% in the next

Quoting some presentation of
IKT’s premium customer during Focus Group Discussion (FGD) 2017, Chiefy said
that even in 2018 and 2019, the car export will grow by 35-45%, following the
increasing production.

“Hence, IPCC (IKT) should add
more facilities and prepare additional storage and parking yard,” he said.

Following its IPO (initial
public offering) last month (July) with listed code of IPCC, IKT is so
confident to do business expansion. Now, IKT is the Indonesia’s biggest car
terminal operator and is the 3rd in ASEAN. Being involved in the
operation of Patimban will support IKT to be the first in ASEAN. Hence, IKT is
asking the government to appoint it as operator of Patimban’s car terminal

“We also support and
appreciate the government’s plan to back up the construction of new automobile
manufacture around Patimban Port, to boost car export. In addition, Patimban
will not just overtake the existing market provided by automobile fabrics in
Jakarta and Bekasi now as hinterland of Tanjung Priok,” added Arif Isnawan, IKT
Commercial and Business Development Director.

Meanwhile, Indra Hidayat Sani,
IKT Operation Director admitted that PT IKT is ready to operate the car
terminal in Patimban. “Our human resources, supra-structure, and digital car
terminal system are all ready for it,” he said. (Damas)

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IPCC Enthusiastic to Be Involved in Patimban Operation

Aug 01, 2018