ITSCL 2018 will be Held at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, September 12th to 14th

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 10/09/2018, 10:42


In 2018, Indonesian logistics business is expected to grow. This growth is caused by e-commerce trend that is becoming more and more popular in Indonesia. Moreover, the application of IT such as IOT (Internets of Things), AI, and System Automation encourage the collaboration between transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. This collaboration has pushed these industry to flourish. These industries has grown to fulfil the needs of their customer.

With the continuous infrastructure development by the government, and the assurance that their goods will be able to come out, Indonesian logistics ranking index in global ranking has risen. According to World Bank’s data in their Logistics Performance Index (LPI) report, Indonesia was ranked 63 and now has risen to 46 in 2018. This is not a simple feat. The government hopes that the rise in their rank can spark the momentum of revolution for logistics, transportations, and supply chains industries.

Kamar Dagang dan Industri or KADIN (Industrial and Commerce Room) of Indonesia will hold annual exhibition for logistics and transportations sector. The exhibition is called Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain, and Logistics 2018. The theme for this exhibition is “Innovation Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0, Are We Ready?” It will be held with the collaboration between KADIN and Reed Panorama Exhibitions. ITSCL 2018 has the supports of associations involved in the related industry.

There are not many countries which already applying the 4.0 Industry. Some of the, are Germany whose in their third year of applying the industrial revolution and USA which will start to apply the 4.0 Industry. Meanwhile, the ASEAN country which already applied the 4.0 industries are only Thailand and Singapore, while Malaysia is starting to prepare the groundwork for the industrial revolution.

Howu Zebua, the Project Lead of ITSCL 2018 said this exhibition is planned to be held at September 12th to 14th in Hall A JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. ITSCL will be attended by hundreds of domestic and international business entity related to these sector. The company which will attend the ITSCL 2018 will come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, Japan to Lithuania. Furthermore, more than 500 products and solutions is expected to be present in ITSCL 2018. With a target of 900 buyer to attend ITSCL, this exhibition is expected to be able to become a bridge which connect the buyer with the product that could become the solutions for their problem.

ITSCL 2018 is in line with the Vision and Mission of Indonesian President, President Joko Widodo to make changes where Indonesia will transform into a nation that applied the 4.0 Industries and started to shift from a nation that consume to a nation that produce that could export their products worldwide .

Minister of Industrial Affair, Airlangga Hartato said, “The roadmap given to President Jokowi consist of 10 steps. Some of them are about infrastructure, small industries, and e-commerce platform. Meanwhile, there are five industries sector that has become world’s most favourite industries. They are textile, electronics, automotive, chemistry, and food and beverages industries.48% of world’s economic demand is in 10 sector, with the 5 industries are the aforementioned.”

The government is always trying to encourage to increase the export capacity and accelerated the development of infrastructure throughout the nation, said Rosan P Roesani, the Chairman of Kadin. The purpose is to ease the national products movement with the good infrastructure. The government hopes by increasing the export capacity, the domestic business could thrive more.

“We all know that time assurance and decrease in logistics cost still become the main problem. To overcome the said problem, we need to assist the government to accelerate the distribution program by creating a vessel that could represent the stakeholders such as the government, business owner, and academics people in the related sectors,” said Rosan.

ITSCL 2018 is expected to be able to accommodate industry subjects to discuss problems related to these sector, developing business network, business strategy to overcome the ever changing global challenge, to finding new business potential. ITSCL 2018 is also expected to become an effective marketing tool for the industry subjects. The domestic transportation and logistics industry is expected to show their improvement in this exhibition. There will be forums guided by 53 expert in the related industries. The forums will be divided into 10 forum categories. The purpose is to educate the transportation, logistics, and supply chain business subjects about applying the newest technology and national policy on related subjects.

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