Jasa Armada Indonesia (JAI) Books Rp 120.4 Billion Net Profit

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 09/06/2018, 20:48


PT Jasa Armada Indonesia (JAI) Tbk. or IPC Marine has succeeded to book Rp 120.4 billion net profit in the fiscal year ended at the end of 2017. The General Meeting of Shareholder (RUPS), which was held at Financial Club of CIMB Niaga Jakarta, on last Wednesday (06/06/2018), has drawn an agreement of profit usage as dividend for about Rp 35.6 billion. About Rp 2.4 billion of the profit was declared as reserved fund and Rp 82.3 billion as retained profit.

In addition, the RUPS also reported the funding usage from the result of public offering in 2017 as stated in the regulation article 6 sub-article (1) in the Regulation of OJK No 30/POJK.04/2015 on the realization of the funding usage from the public offering. Of total Rp 461.8 billion fund from public offering, Rp 22.3 billion of them have been spent for IPO purpose, and the remaining fund is Rp 439.531 billion.

“The remaining fund is saved in the form of saving account and checking account at two state-owned banks, Bank BTN and Bank Mandiri, each with Rp 250 billion and Rp 189.53 billion respectively,” Director of JAI, Herman Susilo said after the RUPS.

Besides approving the profit usage, the meeting also agreed on the appointment of Herman Susilo as the Director of JAI. The appointment was valid since the date of this RUPS until the closing of the fifth annual RUPS in 2023 by keep noticing at rules and regulation on capital market and without reducing the right of RUPS to discharge the board at any moment.

Data shows that PT JAI or IPC Marine is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) that deals with tugboat and pilot boat service, sea transportation and other maritime service. Tugboat division has started ship’s piloting activity since 1960 when it was a business unit of National Corporation of Seaport. This tugboat and piloting service was changed in 1992 to be a business division of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) following the renaming of PN Pelabuhan to be PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero).

Due to the new identity launched by the management board of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) in 2012 by using the name of IPC (Indonesia Port Corporation), in July 2013 business division of tugboat and ship piloting was spun off to be PT Jasa Armada Indonesia with trading name of IPC Marine Service. Then later on, when the company turns to be a stock-listed company, its trading name becomes IPC Marine.

After spin-off program, IPC Marine conducted massive investment in order to improve the quality of its fleet and to enhance its human resource capacity to meet international standard with tight supervision from Thome Consulting of Singapore. The result is, the quality of its fleet increases from grade 2.4 (48% from the maximum score of 100%) to grade 3.6 (72%). IPC Marine also conducted revolutionary optimizing effort in its maintenance and cargo handling system. The efforts were stated being held through strong corporate governance, while the act of increasing human resource integrity  was held in order to ensure its service quality reaching the highest standard with a continuous profitability level. The company also upgraded the quality and market of its VVIP service with Zero Waiting Time standard.

Until present time, JAI market out of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) has expanded and the revenues have increased by 60% in the first year of full operation after the spin-off. With strong experience of 55 years, having 70 units of tugboats, piloting service performance of 52,000 ships/year, handling famous national and international clients, IPC Marine becomes the most experienced, the biggest and the most reliable company in Indonesia.

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