JICT Gives a Role Model in CSR New Approach to Community Empowerment

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 28/03/2018, 09:30

*JICT givs a role model in CSR new approach to community empowerment

Jakarta International Container Terminal has changed perspective and approach in corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, from charity to community empowerment. This means that the CSR will not help people with pouring a mount of cash money, but rather empowering people from any groups, from children to productive group.

"We have actually running the CSR  programs using this perspective  and approach for the last ten years.  Our focus was how we empower people in  facing the future challenge," said Riza Erivan, JICT Vice President Director on the public expose CSR, relating "PAUD (pre-school) development for North Jakarta at Islamic Center, Tuesday, March 27.

On his remark speech, Riza notes that JICT commits to conteneously improve competence of community through CSR programs.

"We empower community through  any programs in education, health, and environment development. We explored any programs that JICT and certain communities can jointly run," Reza explained.

Since 2007, JICT has running the CSR program, with focus o  education program intensification.

"As many as 15 PAUD we run at the beginning. Then, we run Rumbel (learning house) as well as Green Dock School program," said Riza.

North Jakarta TP PKK Vice Chairwoman II Siti Nurlaila Desi appreciates JICT progam, expecting it to be the role model in any CSR program implementation.

"CSR should support the community empowerment but on the same time the business of a corporate can also grow up and face no obstacles. I think  that is what JICT has done for the last ten years," Siti said.

Siti affirmed CSR has long been identified as giving cash money to the community. "This is not educating. JICT has shown the role model how CSR should be done," she said.

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