JICT Productivity Drop Causes Massive  Vessel Delay

Damas Jati - , 09/01/2018, 22:42


As many as 13 ship calls faced delay from January 1 at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) as this terminal productivity drop sharply following the management decision to change the vendor of operator of rubber tyred gantry crane (RTGC). 

Data tells that this terminal move per hours (MPH) has been on free fall, from normally 26 to only 14 MPH. 

This has resulted in a very significant vessel delay, ranging from 4 to 44 hours faced by the 13 calls, data from the terminal said. 

Data names those vessels, including CMA-CGM LA SCALA 115 (delay for 44 hours), SM Jjakarta 1705E (delay 10 hours), Wanhai 216 N341 (delay 4 hours), Meratus Tomini 1801N (delay 6 hours), Northern Volution 1713N (delay 10 hours), MSC Imma HC752R (delay 7 hours), Princess of luck 008N (delay 24 hours),  and Sinar Sumba 482S (delay 10 hours).

Then, MV.Bremen Helle 545 SEW faced delay by  19 hours, Cucko hunter 260QAN (delay 33 hours), Cosco Izmir 029N (delay 31 hours), MV.Star river 0020N (delay 41 hours), and VNL Ruby 1705E (delay 19 hours).

The change of vendor of RTGC from the PT Emco who has extensive experience in supply operators to PT MTI with zero experience is cited as the main cause of the situation. Many, including customers, have blamed the JICT management of its decision to appoint new vendor, saying the JICT management decision has given much loss to customer and created high logistic cost at this Indonesia's leading container terminal. 

JICT vice president director Riza Ervian affirmed such situation, but said that was only temporary during the adaptation period. He said the situation will come normal soon, at least in February. 

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