Local Residents Support the Construction of Patimban Port

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 26/09/2018, 13:37


Local residents around the construction site of Patimban ports said that they have agreed to support the construction of Patimban port. They support the construction because Patimban ports is one of the National Strategic Project (PSN) that is being constructed in Subang and it could improve the economical welfare of Subang after the port start to operate. Furthermore, the local residents expect to be involved in the construction process of the said port.

The agreement has been made known to entourage of Komisi V DPR RI when they held a work visit to the construction site. Lead by Sigit Sosiantomo, the Vice Chairman of Komisi V, the entourage that was accompanied by the Director General of Sea Transportation under the Ministry of Transportation, Agus Purnomo, immediately held a meeting with every stakeholders involved in this matter. They are the Subang Regent tasks-executor Atin Rusnatim, Ela Nurlela the Pusaka Negara district head, Kanwil BPN of West Java, and the peasant communitiy of ‘Paguyuban Tani Berkah Jaya Patimban’.

Aside from inspecting, this work visit also aims to get any suggestion and proposal from every involved parties on the matter of Patimban ports construction. One of the proposal came from the peasant community is about the compensation for local residents land for the construction of supporting areas of the port haven’t been paid outyet. Komisi V DPR RI promised the residents that they will help to mediate them to claim what is rightfully them.

Sigit said that one of the results from the work visit is the statement of agreement from every stakeholder and residents around the Patimban port to support the counstruction of the said port in Subang, West Java.

Included as one of the PSN, Patimban port is expected to be able to reduce logistics cost by bringing the port closer to the production center. By reducing the logistics cost, the government hopes that the economic strength on Subang will improve. Moreover, closer distance of the production center and the port is expected to reduce the traffic congestion potential.

The government plans to construct the Patimban port in three phase while improving the container capacity of the port in every phase. The first phase will see the Patimban port has the capacity of 3.5 million TEUs, and 5.5 million TEUs then 7.5 million TEUs in the second and third phase respectively. The Patimban port will also be able to facilitate 600.000 of vehicle.

“Eventually the Patimban port will serve the type of container load and vehicle that is being shipped using Ro-Ro ferry. The Patimban port will also be supported by backup area as large as 356 Ha to support the logistics efficiency from and to the Patimban port,” said Agus.




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