Maritime Data Finished, Indonesia is Heading to Become World’s Maritime Axis

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 27/08/2018, 15:06


Reported from, Maritime Coordinator Ministry released National Maritime reference data as an effort to realize its vision as world’s maritime axis.

Indonesia finally has official maritime national reference data. The data released by Maritime Coordinator Ministry has been done since 2015 by Geospatial Information Agency (Badan Informasi Geospasial / BIG) and Center for Hydrography and Oceanography of Indonesia’s Navy (TNI AL). This has become the government effort to disentangle many problem in maritime sector. Meanwhile, this step is expected to strengthen Indonesia’s vision to beome the world’s maritime axis.

As for the reference released consist of the data for territorial sea area, water and land area of Indonesia, total area of territorial waters, coastline length, Exclusive Economic Zone of Indonesia, continental shelf, the number of islands, and the area of inland waters and island waters. Minister of Maritime Coordinator, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan assess the existence of accurate and accountable data could become an important strength to maximize national maritime potential. Because so far there are many version of data related to Indonesia’s maritime.

Previously, the unavailability of reference data made the crucial maritime problem hard to resolve. Some works left for the national maritime sector has been compiled. People Coalition for Fisheries Justice (Koalisi Rakyat untuk Keadilan Perikanan / KIARA) state there are 60% of Indonesia’s island that haven’t been named are vulnerable to be annexed by foreign country and there are 37 case of oil spilling in Indonesia’s waters.

In 2017, Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affair, Susi Pudjiastuti said that there is at least of 9 million tons of plastic waste that thrown to sea every year. Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affair also said there are 34 of Indonesia’s islands are being managed by foreign country. Furthermore, the case of illegal fishing are not forgotten in the long discussion of maritime problem solution. The latest news, the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affair said as much as 125 unit of foreign boats that has been stealing fish were sunk on August 20th 2018 by Susi Pudjiastuti, the Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affair. The total of foreign ship that has been stealing fish and has been sunk until 2018 add up to 488 ship.


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