Ministry of Transportation Measures Post Earthquake and Tsunami

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 01/10/2018, 16:15


The Indonesian Ministry of Transportation had sent 2 ships on humanitarian mission to transport relief items for the disaster’s victim in Sulawesi Tengah. The ships that had been sent are KNP Pasatimpo P-212 from PLP Bitung Base and Navigational State Ship, KN Miang Besar from Samarinda Navigational District. KNP Pasatimpo P-212 departed on Saturday, September 29th 2018, while KN Miang Besar departed on Sunday, September 30th 2018.

KN Miang Besar departed on Sunday, 12.00 pm local time, and is expected to arrive on the location on Monday, 9.00 AM local time. This ships carried 3,544 staple goods donated by communities around Samarinda to be delivered to the victim of earthquake and tsunami. Director General of Sea Transportation, R. Agus H. Purnomo ordered the KN Miang Besar to carry 200 tons of alum water as one of the solutions to the lack of clean water for the disaster’s victim.

Aside from KNP Pasatimpo P-212 and KN Miang Besar, there are 2 other ships that will be departed. Those ships are still waiting for the relief items to be collected before departing to the disaster area.

On the other hand, Budi Karya Sumadi as the Minister of Transportation is cooperating with Rini Soemarmo as the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises to quickly operate the Pantoloan port. The Pantoloan port will be used as a docking port for the ships that carry the relief item and the ships that will transport the refugees out of the disaster area.

The earthquake and tsunami caused the quay crane at Pantoloan port to collapse. Furthermore, some of the docks were damaged. Pelindo IV sent a team to check up on the condition of Pantoloan port post-earthquake. The team concluded that the port is ready to operate. Pelindo IV took the decision to operate Pantoloan port on September 30th 2018.

After being open at September 30th 2018, Pantoloan port had served 900 passengers from Balikpapan that was carried by Pelni Balikpapan’s ships. Those 900 passengers were the people that worried about their family condition after the disaster. Pantoloan port is expected to become the exit for the refugees to leave the disaster area.

For the people around Samarinda who wants to send assistance in the Ministry of Transportation humanitarian mission could contact the care center coordinator in Samarinda. The Samarinda Care Center Coordinator and Manager are M. Dahri 0822 13 200 300, Toto Mukarto 0811 100 707, Triono 0852 4192 9214, and Widji 0813 4632 5507.

The Ministry of Transportaion also establish a Quick Response Team (QRT) to continuously monitor the condition after the earthquake and tsunami. The QRT take place in Marine Command Center (MCC) and Puskodalops, 4th floor of Karsa Kementerian Perhubungan Building’s. QRT is operated 24 hours daily, using shift system and is guarded by officer that’s led by guarding officer. The call center for QRT are: 021-3456614, 021-3451364, 0813 8525 3006.


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