Ministry of Transportation Pushes Forward Enhancement of PBM Competency

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 03/05/2018, 12:49


Ministry of Transportation expects all stevedoring companies (PBM) in Indonesian ports to keep focus enhancing human resources competency to make them able to produce a more efficient stevedoring service.

Director of Sea Transportation Traffic at the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in the Ministry of Transportation, Chandra Irawan said stevedoring companies (PBM) in ports should be more efficient to comprehend with an effective and efficient port service.

“Professionalism of human resources and stevedoring businesses is indicated through the increase of mindset and works that are more responsive, effective and efficient at stevedoring and passenger transportation services in sea transportation business,” Chandra said in his speech read by Chief of Sub-Directorate of Special Sea Transportation at the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in the Ministry of Transportation, Marlen Manurung on Thursday (5/3/2018).

It was stated during the opening of training and competency assessment of human resources and businesses of PBM which was held by the DPP of Indonesian Stevedoring Businesses Association (APBMI) together with the SAR Maritime Learning Institute (MLI) that is the associate member of Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).

The Ministry of Transportation also disclosed that the enhancement of PBM competency in ports had to have direct impact to maritime industry and sea transportation freeway through the synergy with all stakeholders that would give benefit to public.

In this occasion, about 50 businesspeople and human resources of stevedoring companies all around Indonesia participated in the training and competency assessment as an effort to upgrade the human resource quality in port and sea transportation sector.

Managing Director of PT SAR Maritime Learning Institute (MLI), Alfa Gunawan said the human resources as well as management in port service also needed to have competency as experts in their sectors.

“This training and competency trial are important so that there will be standard of service in stevedoring activity in Indonesia,” he said amid the activity.

Alfa cited that in this training and competency test, he already had cooperation with other businesses associations, such as Indonesian port businesses (Abupi) and Indonesia Shipping Agency Association (ISAA).

The Chairman of APBMI, HM Fuadi explained that this training and competency assessment was intended to fulfill the standardization of stevedoring performance and operational service at all ports in Indonesia, as stipulated by the Ministry of Transportation over the issue of existing port facility.

“APBMI also keeps trying to hold better partnership pattern and cooperation with state-owned port operators, PT Pelindo I, II, III and IV, in creating synergy,” Fuadi said.

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