Ministry of Transportation Regulation Number 88 Year 2014

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 06/09/2018, 11:09


The regulation will be enacted starting December 2018. It will cause Ferry ships with the capacity less than 5,000 GT are not allowed to operate in Merak-Bakauheni port because ferry ships with capacity more than 5,000 GT have better fuel efficiency than the ferry ships with capacity less than 5,000 GT. Edi Oetomo, DPP Chief of Indonesian National Ferryowners Association (INFA) said that new ships with capacity more than 5,000 GT consume 3,5 tons to 4 tons of fuel for one day operation, while the old ships with capacity less than 5,000 GT requires around 7,5 tons of fuel for the equal operation time.

This regulation has been issued since December 2014 and has been socialized for 4 years. This is intended to give ferry ships business owner time to gradually change their ships to comply with the regulation.

The regulation was issued to anticipate the growth of crossing activity in Merak-Bakauheni. INFA who already state that they will comply with the regulation already change some of their ferry ships. From the total of 70 ferry ships that operates in Merak-Bakauheni, 16 ships are owned by companies under INFA. At the moment, 3 of those 16 ships are already complying with the regulation, ferry ships with capacity more than 5,000 GT. While the other 13 will be gradually changed, and INFA hopes that before December 2018 all of their ships will already complied the regulation.

Association of Gabungan Pengusaha Nasional Angkutan Sungai, Danau, dan Penyeberangan (Gapasdap) (National Business of River, Lake, and Cross Transportation Union) feels that the enactment of this regulation could potentially cause fuel wasting because the crossing activity in Merak-Bakauheni consist of 30% times of peak activity and 70% times of off-peak activity every single day. Nevertheless, Gapasdap, through their Chairman Khoiri Soetomo stated that they will still support the regulation. It just that Gapasdap hopes the enactment won’t be forced so they can avoid wasting fuel.

Khoiri said that there is oversupply of ferry ships happening in Merak-Bakauheni. At least 40 ferry ships have to wait for their turn to dock because there are not enough docks. Some ships can only operates for less than 12 days a month because they can’t dock. Moreover, from 70 ships, only 30 ferry ships are able to sail every day because the shortage of load. These make Khoiri convinced that the government needs to re-evaluate the regulation to prevent fuel wasted from ships that has to depart with loads far under its maximum capacity.

Gapasdap recommend to build more docks in Merak-Bakauheni. But the government believes that it is not doable, since there are no more land is available to build the docks.

The Ministry of Transportation stated that the regulation will still be enacted starting December 2018, in accordance with the decisions written in the regulation. General Director of Land Transportation of Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi stated that the regulation has already been agreed by every stakeholder before it was issued. Furthermore, Budi feels that 4 years is enough for the Ferry ships owner to gradually change their ships.

The regulation also stated that the government will also give leeway for ferry ships owner who are unable to change their ships to change their operation area. The leeway is in form of they will get priority to obtain operating license for the possible new route. So the ferry ships company won’t have to shut their business down because they are no longer allowed to do business in Merak Bakauheni anymore.


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