MTI Strategies toward Total Logistics Provider

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 29/05/2018, 16:24

*Suparjo, the Operational Director of IPC Logistic Services/MTI

IPC’s business restructuring to PT Multi Terminal Indonesia (MTI), which is currently known as IPC Logistic Services, in last 2015 has strengthened the management board of the company to remain focus at logistics business. 

Major actions to improve the company had been held starting from the company’s logo, vision and mission, as well as its value. It then continued with its pilot project business coverage expansion, also in 2015, through the opening of its first branch office in Surabaya.

“We’re overseeing logistics’ business market opportunity in Tanjung Perak and Teluk Lamong port, as well as other areas in East Java,” Operational Director of MTI, Suparjo said amid breaking the fasting event with Indonesian Maritime Journalists Forum (Forwami) at Holiday Inn, Kemayoran last Monday (28/5/2018).

Simultaneously, MTI then decided to open other branch offices in other regions, such as in Semarang, Banten and Jakarta (SBU diversion). In addition, it also set up representative offices in Bali, Solo, Yogya, Pontianak and Palembang.

IPC Logistic Services decided to establish branch and representative offices as an effort to support inter-island/province cargo distribution activity, which in the end was expected to give added-value to Pelindo II as a state enterprise.

The service of IPC Logistics Services covers international freight forwarding service both export and import, domestic logistics, custom clearance, cargo distribution, project cargo, special handling, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) with agencies spreading all around Indonesia and in other countries, such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, Australia and other countries.

Optimizes business resources, potencies 

Meanwhile, from facilities preparedness, IPC Logistic Services has warehouses and Distribution Center in a form of LCL and domestic warehousing completed with modern logistics facilities and supported by sophisticated crane equipments. 

Other advantage is that its warehouse and Distribution Center are located inside Tanjung Priok Port that allows cargo distribution from the port to consignee to be easier and more efficient. 

Moreover, IPC Logistic Services also operates TPFT CDC Banda as an integrated physical inspection area between Customs Office and Quarantine. The existence of TPFT CDC Banda has made cargo verification turn to be more effective since it is located at one area.

Other facilities are the stockpiling area and dry port, which covers the area of 215X Field for about 20 thousand square meters and supported with qualified stevedoring equipment and CCTV to serve containers’ lift on-lift off. In addition, there is also Utep Pasoso Field as dry port and 220X Field to serve containers from Jakarta to Surabaya and Bandung round trip.

In order to support its land transportation service, IPC Logistic Services operates hundreds of different vehicles, including trailer car, box and box cooler trucks that are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) so that vehicles movement will be accurately tracked down.

“We also operate a 3,600-square meter warehouse and 12 thousand square meter stockpiling area for Halal Logistics and Cold Storage that are supported with complete stevedoring equipment. We are ready to handle and distribute consumer goods of halal products and serve reefer plug activity,” Suparjo added.

As a accompany that starts and grows in port area, IPC Logistic Services also has created Equipment Procurement Division that concentrates in stevedoring businesses, either as a provider, repair, maintenance, mechanic or operator to private business sectors and governmental institutions.

Ties up partnership

In order to back up the government’s sea freeway program to press down wide disparity of cargo price, the company has operated Storing Warehouse of Sea Freeway Cargo, which is located in Selat Lampa Port in Natuna Islands.

As a company operated under the business collaboration principle of Pelindo II, IPC Logistic Services also has held cooperation with different business partners, both with other Pelindo II’s subsidiaries or branches and with other state enterprises. 

The synergy and cooperation with other subsidiaries are among others with PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok (PTP), PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan (PT RSP), EDII, JICT, TPK Koja and NPCT 1. 

Meanwhile, the cooperation with IPC’s branch offices is with Pontianak, Tanjung Priok, Palembang and Cirebon. The synergy with other state-owned companies is with RNI, Perindo, Perinus, Pelni Logistics (SBN), Bulog, Biofarma, Waskita Karya, Wika, PP, INKA and Semen Padang.

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