North Govt Authority to Investigate JICT Accident Immediately

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 06/12/2018, 13:10


North Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Department (Sudinakertrans) will soon investigate the accident taking place at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) on Tuesday, December 4.

"We will soon send team to investigate the causes of the accident,” Head of North Jakarta Sudinakertrans Dwi Untoro told Indonesia Shipping Gazette (ISG), this morning.

"Alhamdulillah (Thanks God), this accident killed no one. But, I am so regretful of more and frequent accidents within this terminal,” commended Dwi.

Dwi warned the JICT management to seriously tackle this issue. The guideline of work safety, he said, is clear, referring to the Law No 1/1970. 

Unfortunately, Indonesia Shipping Gazette again failed to get confirmation from JICT management. Indonesia Shipping Gazette have tried to contact by phone and whatapps (wa) message JICT President Director Gunta Prabawa and Vice President Riza Erivan, but both gave no response.

As Indonesia Shipping Gazette reported yesterday, the accident took place on Tuesday morning, December 4, 2018 at 09.12a.m when the RTGC 50 was lifting an export container to be loaded to ‘CSCL LIMA’ Vessel.

At the beginning the operator of RTGC 50 lifted the container from the yard and inaccurately placed it on the truck chassis. Then the operator did it again to get a correct position. 

But, when the operator did it for a correct position, unfortunately its spreader was stuck by another container, causing an unexpected touch among containers. As a result, the containers within the blocks felt down.

Even, on the same day, at 15.30p.m, a similar accident took place again, according to another source from JICT. 

According to Indonesia Shipping Gazette data, since the appointment of PT Multi Tally Indonesia (MTI)  as the RTGC operator in January 2018, a series of accidents have taken place at this terminal. Even, some accidents killed operators and truck drivers. 

At least, the accidents have killed four people in the last 18 months.

As earlier reported, in January 2018, the JICT management took a contradictive policy, appointing a new poor-experienced operator, while fired hundreds of operators with extensive experience since they had been working for the terminals for over than five years. 

A source from JICT said that those accidents were mostly due to incompetent operators provided by the new vendor PT MTI.

He said, since the handled by PT MTI, the standard of work safety at this Indonesia’s main export import gateway continuously downgraded. “Those accidents proved it. The work safety at this terminal has become poorer and poorer,” he said.

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