Only 20% of the Container Meet the Standard

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 04/09/2018, 10:33


Reported from, according to the data from Ministry of Transportation, 80% of the total container used for shipping doesn’t meet the required standards. Those container are used in shipping for export import and the domestic shipping. Only 20% of all container used are meeting the required standards.

The data that presented by Chief of Tanjung Priok Port Authority, Hermanta, came from a survey that was being conducted in 2014 to 2015. The survey was being conducted by Directorate General of Sea Transportation, under the Ministry of Transportation.

Hermanta, on the opening ceremony for the Publication of Ministerial Regulation by Ministry of Transportation Number 53/2018 in Jakarta, Thursday August 30th 2018.A total of 80% of all container didn’t meet the standard requirement, moreover some of them already sustain damage. This situation can be considered as a public secret known by many.

With high traffic of shipping coming and leaving through Tanjung Priok Port, it has become known fact that Tanjung Priok Port is one of major economic gate for Indonesia. With these high activity, Tanjung Priok Port Authority has to guarantee the safety and security of the people involved in those activity.

If container that doesn’t meet the requirement standard is used to ship goods, it will be rejected by the destination port because the container can cause the goods to be contaminated. It will obstruct the economic growth expected from the trade activity.

In order to prevent those thing to happen, the Directorate General of Sea Transportation formulate a new regulation. The regulation is realized in form of Ministerial Regulation of Ministry of Transportation of Indonesian Republic Number PM 53 Year 2018 on Container Properness and Verified Container Gross Weight. At the moment, the Directorate is continuously promote the regulation. Hermanta hopes with the publication, the parties involved in container usage for shipping purpose will have better understanding in the importance of using proper container.

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