Opening New Route, Marine Toll Subsidies Fell Sharply

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 05/10/2018, 14:47


Tramper and People’s Shipping, Domestic Sea Traffic and Transport Sub-Directorate Section Chief, Hasan Sadili said that the subsidy fund for marine toll in 2019 will decline in value. The decline will be a sharp one, around 50 percent compared to this year subsidy fund.

Even though the marine toll subsidy budget always increase every year since the program started, next year in 2019 the subsidy budget will be decreased. In 2016, the subsidy fund was IDR 218.9 Billion and in 2017 the fund reach to IDR 355 Billion. But in the 2019, he budget for marine toll subsidy will be cut into IDR 224 Billion, just half of this year budget that reach to IDR 447.6 Billion.

The main reason behind the budget reduction by the government is due to budget saving. The government reduce the subsidy to make fund for opening new route of marine toll/ from 19 route operating in 2018, the government plans to add 2 extra route to make 21 operating routes of marine toll.

The Ministry of Transportation plans to change the fleet arrangement for the marine toll. Up until the end of this year, the Ministry of Transportation uses 13 main ships and 6 feeder ships for 19 routes. However, in next year plan, the Ministry of Transportation will only uses 6 main ships for the marine toll route, while the rest ships that will be used are feeder ships.

At the moment, the Ministry of Transportation is discussing the method to spend the subsidy fund for 2019. Will it be spend across the year or just spend on few months. While choosing to spend across the year will caused the fund to be spend tightly compared to be spend on few months, the financial burden on the operator will be lessen on a whole year rather than on some parts of the year. But no matter which method will be chosen, one thing is certain that the budget for marine toll subsidy for next year will get a cut around 50 percent.

According to the data from the Ministry of Transportation, the marine toll program has docked in 58 ports across Indonesia. The government hopes that in 2019, the marine toll program will docked in 81 ports. For that reason, increasing the amount of operating route has to be done in a good manner to ensure a successful operation.


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