Panjang Enjoyed a 17% Container Throughput Growth in 2017

Damas Jati - , 14/01/2018, 12:04


Port of Panjang, Lampung, enjoyed a positive growth in 2017, all in containerized cargoes, non-containerized cargoes, as well as ship calls gross tonnage (GT), thanks to the increasing domestic trade activities.

Data from the port says, the container throughput grew up 17% during the year, to 119,232 TEUs, from 101,488 TEUs in 2016. 

Its non-containerized cargoes, including of general cargoes, bag cargoes, dry bulk, and liquid bulk, grew up higher, by 24%, to 8,885,834 tons. 

The shipcalls experienced a fantastic growth by 45%, reaching 16,704,981 GT, from 8,668,804 GT in 2016. However, the international shipcalls was slightly down, to 8,523,790 GT, from 8,624,217 GT in 2016.

Armanda Maulina, Assistant Deputy General Manager for Commercial, said that the 'Sea Toll' bigger tonnage vessels that started operation during the year had provided significant contribution to the total shipcalls' GT. But, international contribution was slightly down.

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