Patimban Port Management Rights will be Auctioned Soon

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 19/09/2018, 11:22


Reported from, operator and management rights for Patimban port in Subang will be auctioned soon.

“The auction will be around the end of September or early October. Hopefully after the construction of the first package is finished, we will open the auction by the end of September or early October,” M. Tohir said. He is the Director of Port of Directorate General of Sea Transport under the Ministry of Transportation.

The government plans to auction the operator and management rights of the ports with the system of ‘kerja sama pemerintah dan badan usaha’ (KPBU) or the cooperation between the government and business entities. Aside from Patimban, there are another ports that will be managed using the KPBU system. Some of the are Bau-Bau port in South-East Sulawesi and Anggrek port in Gorontalo that will be open to auction on 2019. Moreover, there are another 12 ports that are still undergo feasibility studies to continue the implementation of KPBU system or not.

The auction of operator and management rights for Patimban port that is located in Subang, West Java, was initially planned on September, but it has to be postponed to the end of September or early October. Bau-Bau port will start the market sounding on October 2018 and Anggrek port will start on February 2019. Both is targeted to finish filing the documents for KPBU on July 2019 and September 2019 respectively.

The construction of Patimban port is still on the phase of land acquisition. The land acquired is around 60%, there are still 40% land that still need to be acquired. For the port access, the government already sign a contract with Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Tohir said that the groundbreaking ceremony was planned to be held on September 15th 2018 and done by President Joko Widodo. However, because of the busy schedule of the president, the event has to be postponed.

The construction fund used to start this project came for Official Development Assistance Loan, or ODA Loan from the Japan Government. The investment amount to IDR 43.4 Trillion. The construction contract for Patimban port itself reach to IDR 8.9 Trillion.

The project auction winner is a consortium of 5 contractors. They are Penta Ocean, Toa, and Rinkai from Japan Marine Construction companies, and PT Wijaya Karya and PT PP Tbk from Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises. They were appointed on May 2018.

The contract signed for the first phase of Patimban port construction is valued at IDR 6 Trillion. The first phase consist of the construction of vehicle terminal with the capacity of 350,000 vehicle, container terminal with capacity of 800,000 TEUs, and the construction of Roro docks. Patimban port is expected to start their operation on 2019.


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