Polair, DRU Launching the Biggest Patrol Vessel

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 03/05/2018, 12:00


Indonesia Water Police (Polair) and national shipbuilder DRU (Daya Radar Utama) launched the  patrol vessel named KP Yudistira 8003, the biggest patrol vessel ever built by local shipbuilders and would become the biggest vehicle be deployed by Indonesia's Water Police Department.

The launching taking place at the DRU dock, Tanjung Priok Jakarta,  Wednesday, May 2, was remarkly led by Komjen. Pol. Drs. Moechgiyarto, S.H., M.Hum, Indonesia's Police Head for  Security Maintenance Board (Kabaharkam) and President Director Amir Gunawan.

On his remark speech, Moechgiyarto appreciated DRU who had completed the vessel building on the schedule and met the quality expected. Further he expressed proud of national shipbuilder to build such kind of vessel (A2 class) which is also supported by local components.

"Thanks to DRU for its on time construction completion. Further I have to say high appreciation to our local human resources capability to build this vessel and the use of local components. This proved our human resources qualifications and our local industry readiness to produce components for shipbuilding indsutry," he said.

Moechgyarto revealed how this patrol boat would play key role in protecting the nation's waters and to support law enforcement, at the sea zones in particular.

"Protecting the community and the state's  interest through law enforcement at waters is the mission of this vessel," he said.

Amir Gunawan, meanwhile, said high appreciation to the Indonesian Police who has trusted DRU to build this patrol vessel. "Thanks to the Indonesian Police who has trusted us (DRU) to build this vessel. Hopefully, we will get more and more orders in the future," he said, affirming that this is the biggest patrol boat ever built by DRU, even by national shipbuilders.

He affirmed the use of local components for this vessel that reached 35%. "More components are still import since both main engine and auxiliary one are imported," he noted.

Amir said the contruction has been 90% ready and can run first service in the next two months.

The vessel worth more than Rp200 billion and built according to the 2015 state budget has dimension of: length over all (LOA) 73.67m; draft between perpendiculars (LBP) 68.00m; draft design 3.00m; depth MLD 5.50m; and beam MLD of 11.35m. Her maximum speed reaches 18 knot with crew capacity of 68 persons.

The vessel is equipped with main  engine of caterpillar 2x3420 BHP, auxiliary engine of caterpillar 3x150 EKW, and emergency generator of caterpillar 1x65 EKW. The tank capacity, meanwhile, consists of: fuel oil tank of 200 tons, fresh water (95 tons), avtur tank (8 tons), and pertamax tank of 8 tons.

The vessel that is certificated by Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) is also equipped with radio and navigation equipments, including marine radar, SSB/MFHF, VHF, GPS, NAVTEX, Echosounder, Speed Log, EPIRB, and AIS. (Damas Jati)

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