Samudera Indonesia Added New Vessel Sinar Palopo for Domestic Market

Damas Jati - , 05/03/2018, 13:18


Located at Keppel Terminal, PSA Singapore, the 53rd-years PT Samudera Indonesia officially held the welcome ceremony and gratitude event upon the arrival of its vessel named MV Sinar Palopo on February 12th, 2018.

In the event, Shanti L. Poesposoetjipto, President Commissioner of PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk, Masli Mulia–President Director of PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk, Bani Mulia - Managing Director of PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk and Trisnadi Mulia - Director of PT Pelayaran Nusantara Panurjwan along with the Management.

In his brief direction, President Director of PT Samudera IndonesiaTbk, BaniMulia said, “in line with the Company's vision to Connecting Indonesia, we named our vessels with the names of islands and cities in Indonesia. We always want to contribute in realizing better connectivity of goods (distribution – red) and at the same time promote our beloved country, Indonesia”.

MV Sinar Palopo is a container ship, built by Jingjiang Nanyang Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. and has 8,180 tons of deadweight tonnage capacity. The vessel is built with sister ship concept with MV Sinar Penida, both vessel has the same design and specification. Delivery date of  Sinar Penida was on February 8, 2018 and is expected to arrive in Singapore on February 22nd, 2018. MV Sinar Palopo will make its maiden voyage serving Singapore – Calcutta for Samudera Shipping Line Ltd.

On a long term, PT Samudera Indonesia expected MV Sinar Palopo could be operate in Indonesia, serving domestic market and operated by PT Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara Panurjwan.

Welcoming ceremony is arranged with an Indonesian tradition ‘Nasi Tumpeng’. This tradition of PT Samudera Indonesia is a symbol of gratitude and hope that the newly built vessel will become a tough ship that capable of sailing continuously and providing benefits for the company itself.

With capacity of 600 Teus, MV Sinar Palopo is projected to accommodate the national logistics transportation and improve the competitiveness of PT Samudera Indonesia in the domestic market.

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