Shipping Lines Disappointed with JICT Longer Port Stay, Asking For Compensation

Damas Jati - , 30/01/2018, 15:29


Some shipping lines are disappointed with a longer port stay at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), saying it had created extra cost, thus asking for compensation.

One of the China shipping line for example, has sent a complaint as its service faced a longer port stay until 60 hours, from normally 34 hours.

The principle has asked JICT to cover the total extra cost from a longer dockage and asked for a compensation. The liner suffered more than US$4,000 extra cost from one of its service longer stay.

"We have to pay more dockage cost accounted from 26 hours delay. This is very damaging our credibility with our customers," said liner’s official.

Such complaint totally disaffirmed the claim earlier declared by JICT Vice President Director Riza Erivan. On Monday, Riza explained that JICT operational had been running normal.

"The service has been 100% normal. No vessel delay anymore. The productivity has been normal, reaching more than 22 BCH (box/crane/hour)," Riza said as quoted by, Monday, January 29.

Meanwhile, the port related business stakeholders have shouted over the longer dwelling time of the Tanjung Priok Port in general, and the JICT terminal in particular.

According to data from Indonesia National Single Window (INSW), JICT's dwelling time on Monday, January 29, reached 4.7 days, the highest among the international container terminals at Tanjung Priok, compared to NPCT1 (4.19); TPK Koja (4.50); and MAL (4.20). It was also much higher than the government target of less than 3 days.

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