Stakeholders Agrees to the Proposed Accelerated Construction of Way Kanan Dry Port

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 16/10/2018, 13:00


Lampung provincial government, along with PT Pelindo, PT KAI, Way Kanan district government and Shahbandar and Port Authority office held a focus group discussion (FGD). The discussion was about the proposal to accelerate the construction of Way Kanan dry port.

The speakers in the discussion came from the delegation of the stakeholders. Way Kanan district representatives came from district office delegation. While Ministry of Transportation representatives is the Infrastructure Director of Railroad Directorate General. The Ministry of Industrial Affair sent the Director General of Industrial Area Development. And lastly, PT Pelindo II and PT KAI sent their Commercial Director as their representatives.

The discussion was a follow up event after the provincial government sign separate MOU with PT Pelindo and PT KAI. Those MOU was signed in accordance with the construction of Way Kanan dry port, said Qudratul Ikhwan, Lampung Province’s Chief of Transportation Agency.

In this discussion, the participant talked about potential problems that might occur when the construction begin. They also talked about the measures to take when the said problem occurred. Everything was done to ensure the accelerated construction of Way Kanan dry port could go smoothly without many problems.

Way Kanan dry port construction is one of many efforts done by the government to realize their concept of infrastructure development. Lampung provincial government has the concept of connected and integrated infrastructure.

Way Kanan dry port will be connected and integrated with Panjang port. Both will be connected using train tracks. The government aims to spark a multiplier effect from connecting the two ports. They hoped it will encourage the industrial and economic sector of Lampung to grow.

With the construction of Way Kanan dry port, the government hoped to stimulate the industrial area around Way Kanan to grow. Moreover, Way Kanan dry port is hoped to improve connectivity and reducing the load on road. Taufik Hidayat, the Assistant II on Economic and Development sector said that Way Kanan dry port could accommodate the demand of transport for goods and export commodities of Lampung.

After the discussion, all stakeholders agreed to support the acceleration of Way Kanan dry port construction. They signed the agreement at the end of discussion. Every stakeholders will participate in establishing an agency to handle the acceleration of Way Kanan dry port construction. The agency will work together with secretariat team in Lampung’s Transportation Agency.

The discussion was held in Novotel Hotel, Bandar Lampung on Tuesday, October 16th 2018.


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