​State Port Operators (Pelindo) Created a Combined Net Profit of Rp 4.83 Trn in 2017

Damas Jati - , 24/01/2018, 12:07


State port operators PT Pelindo (Persero) created a net profit of Rp4.83 trillion in 2017 (totaling of Pelindo I-IV, a 33% increase year on year, a hearing between Pelindo and House of Representative (DPR) said.

Among the four port corporate, PT Pelindo III (Persero) contributes the highest to the total. The net income of this Surabaya headquartered-corporate reached Rp2.13 trillion, then subsequently  followed by PT Pelindo II (Rp 1.7 trillion),  Pelindo I (Rp 721 billion), and the remaining of Pelindo IV (more than Rp 300 billion).

After the hearing, President Director of PT Pelindo III (Persero) IGN Askhara Danadiputra said that in 2017, this port corporate enjoyed a 41% net profit increase, from Rp1.51 trillion in 2016. It also exceeded the target of Rp1.65 trillion.

"We (Pelindo III) did more efficiency in non-operational cost,” he said. As many as 38 posts of non-operation got efficiency policy.

According to Indonesia Shipping Gazette database, along the history of Indonesia’s port corporates, this was the first time for Pelindo III to take the lead in net income. In the early years, Pelindo II always led.

However, in view of gross income and total asset, Pelindo II is still leading. In 2017, Pelindo II total income reached Rp 10.2 trillion, while its asset reached Rp 45 trillion.


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