STIP Passes 160 Graduations of Merchant Marine Officers

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 24/10/2018, 10:18

*The graduation ceremony of merchant marine officers at STIP Jakarta (October 23)

Jakarta Merchant Marine Higher Education School (STIP Jakarta), an educational institution and training center of Ministry of Transportation, passed as many as 160 graduations of merchant marine officers in both nautical expert (ANT) and technique expert (ATT) of grade I, II, and III, after they joined the 2018 Education and Training in Nautical and Technique.

The graduation ceremony was conducted in Jakarta, on Tuesday, October 23. In his remark speech, STIP Chairman Mariot Simanjuntak reminded that Indonesia remained the world’s biggest maritime country, thus having a key and strategic role in building a good relationship among nations.

Further, he said, the worlds sea transportation industry still needed as many as 83,000 seafarers, to add as many as 1.6 million seafarers that were working for the industry. “Based on the data, the opportunity for the Indonesia seafarers to get the global market is widely open. Hence, we have to develop our human resources capability to get qualified seafarers. This is not about quantity only, but how to develop our human resources to find qualified and professional seafarers,” he said.

Of the total 160 graduations, as many as 27 graduations are of ANT-I, ATT-I (22), ANT-II (33), ATT-II (24), ANT-III (32), and 23 graduations are of ATT III.

The target of this education and training is to educate the merchant marine officers to get higher grade certificate and to build them to be skilful in running standard operating procedure (SOP) on navigation and shipping management.

STIP Head for Development and Cooperation Division Capt.Bimo Siswo Putro said that this education and training is referring to International Convention on Standard of Training and Certification and Watchkeeping for Seaferers (STCW) 1978. In addition, this training also refers to the Presidential Decree No:42/ 2000 on Merchant Marine High Education and Decree of Ministry of Transportation No:140/2016 on Standard of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

Achmad Ridwan Tento, one of the graduation of this program says appreciation to this program, saying this will build up the competence of human resources in maritime sector, thus supporting the improvement of national sea transportation industry and sector.

"This program is absolutely helpful in upgrading and improving the competence of human resources in maritime sector,” Ridwan, who is also the General Secretary of Indonesia Maritime, Logistics, and Transportation Watch (IMLOW), said.

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