Surabaya Container Terminal

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 08/10/2018, 11:45


Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) is a joint venture company between PT Pelindo III and Dubai Port World (DPW). Since 1999, TPS has been co-managed by Dubai Port World and PT Pelindo III. This cooperation is due to the agreement they signed when creating the TPS.

However, on April 2019, the contract on TPS between Dubai Port World and PT Pelindo III will expire. Moreover, after the contract expire, all of TPS shares will become PT Pelindo III possession. Hence the Pelindo III labor union (SPPI III) urges the Pelindo III management to independently manage TPS starting April 2019.

Pelindo III labor union urges the management because they are confident that PT Pelindo III is able to independently manage TPS. SPPI III suggest that PT Pelindo III human resources are already capable of doing the task to independently manage TPS. The confidence came from the experience of PT Pelindo III human resource that already co-manages the TPS since 1999 with Dubai Port World. Furthermore, PT Pelindo III has proved that they are able to independently manage Teluk Lamong Terminal. Teluk Lamong Terminal is the first semi-automatic terminal that operates in Indonesia.

The Union main objectives in urging the management of Pelindo III is to support the optimization effort of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) role in building the country. Moreover, SPPI III also wanted to support the effort to strengthen the synergy between BUMN as the country development agent.

SPPI III wants to bring the principle of smart partnership with PT Pelindo III. This principle is focusing on SPPI III as a productive partner for Pelindo III management to support every transition in managing TPS. All with the aim to ease PT Pelindo III in independently manage the TPS.

Muhammad Adib Fadli, the Union Secretary General said that the cooperation with investor and corporation both domestic and international will be better directed to developing the ports in eastern Indonesia (KTI). He said that to deny the rumour that PT Pelindo III taking the anti-foreign stance.

PT Pelindo III’s CEO, Doso Agung support the SPPI III to transform into Union Federation. He expect the union could spark the formation of labour union on every Pelindo III subsidiaries. Doso also hopes that SPPI III could become the motivator for all Pelindo III workers. He stressed that labour union is not the enemy of the management. He said that labour union is the partner for the management in managing the company. Doso hopes that the management and the union could routinely meet to keep the communication.

The CEO hopes that the company’s policy could be in line with the hopes and performance of the workers on every part of the corporation, so that the solidarity between the union and management could be kept high. Furthermore, he also remind every parties to carefully work and work with their hearts.


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