Synchronet Marine Helps Customers With One-Click Sourcing For Interchanges

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 14/08/2018, 13:34


SynchroNet Marine has just announced a new service option for existing customers, which provides immediate access to available interchange opportunities. The new outbound email communications program, sent directly to current customers, highlights opportunities for maritime container interchanges, with the option to provide specific quantities and / or precise locations for interchanges.

This unique service enhancement reduces the need to sift through large quantities of emails, to field a multitude of telephone calls or to respond to fax inquiries when looking for interchange opportunities, whether on the supply or demand side of the interchange.

Now, a simple review of the interchange opportunities presented in the email and a click to confirm interest starts the process for the interchange selection and agreement process.

“SynchroNet Marine understands the increased demands on our customers to find available containers or to have containers moved from one location to another. We have automated key manual processes for customers who use interchange services, which has never been done before! The automation of the workflow translates to value benefits for customers with shorter interaction lead times and more interchange opportunities,” said Andre’ Tan, vice president of SynchroNet Marine, Inc.

“We work harder so our customer’s don’t have to, and make it more efficient and less costly than the traditional manual practices. We understand our customers’ needs and can help them to find the required interchange opportunities. Our current program was launched to our existing customers, but it is available to any company who completes the necessary steps and is approved as a customer for SynchroNet Marine.”

For companies who are not yet a SynchroNet Marine customer and are interested in participating in this service, which provides immediate feedback on available interchange opportunities, please email the appropriate geographic office location:
[email protected] for customer in Asia
[email protected] for European inquiries
[email protected] for information about North, Central and South America

Founded in 1996, SynchroNet Marine, Inc. has developed and deployed a secure, neutral global container database. From this proprietary technology, customers can:
• Access containers quickly to minimize empty repositioning in order to protect bookings
• Reposition surplus containers economically to locations of high demand
• Interchange containers between parties on an inter-continental or intra-theater level
• Obtain industry-standard container equipment for out-of-the-box or unique customer needs
• Create customized technology solutions to meet unique company and customer needs
For more information view, email: [email protected] or call 1 (925) 474-3900. 

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Synchronet Marine Helps Customers With One-Click Sourcing For Interchanges

Aug 14, 2018