Tanjung Priok Port’s CFS Center Have Positive Effect on Ports Services Activity

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 04/09/2018, 15:38


CFS or Container Freight Station Center is a cargo consolidation Center that started to operate on November 20th 2017. CFS is a storage facility for imported container goods with Less than Container Load (LCL) status which still under customs control.

Ports services in Tanjung Priok Ports become faster, more efficient, more transparent, and more in order since CFS Center starting its operation, with the disappearance of illegal fees in ports. According to maritime observers and lecturers of ITS Surabaya, Saut Gurning, CFS have a positive impact on import business, especially on LCL cargo. Commercial Director of IPC, Saptono Rahayu Irianto believes that CFS Center can increase the volume of transaction in Tanjung Priok Port.

Amalia, Chairman of Indonesian Exporter Union (Ikatan Eksportir Indonesia / IEI) hoped with the existence of CFS in Tanjung Priok Port will make the tariff for storage services will become better. Not only that, IEI also hopes that the collection of delivery order will be in one location, not in many location like before.

The main advantage given by CFS Center is the use of Single Billing system, a system to reduce the practice of collecting illegal fees that usually done by adding extra additional charges for the shipper. With single billing system, administrative activity of imported cargo will be faster. It then leads to the reduction on storage fees because the storage time can be cut short. And with the transparency in services, the customs tariff can be reduced to suit the regulation without having to pay illegal fees or additional charges for rogue officials.

Fees that can be reduced are storage and forwarding fees, as well as customs fees. Moreover, the CFS Center also cuts the time needed in the ports services activity, so the probability of congestion to happen caused by land transport vehicle (container truck) in ports can be reduced.

CFS Center in Tanjung Priok Port operates 24/7, which means the port services in Tanjung Priok Ports are done in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the nonstop operation of CFS Center, the flow of imported goods with LCL status which passes through Tanjung Priok Ports is increasing because the faster services makes the goods can go out faster causing the storage facility always ready to process incoming goods.

Before CFS Center was established, the required time to process billing paper in Tanjung Priok Ports is 7 minutes per transaction. Now, after the CFS already been established, the average time needed is reduced to 2 minutes per transaction, or 3 times faster. It means that CFS Center in Tajung Priok Port can process up to 400 transactions of LCL cargo in one day.

Wisnu Waskita, Commissary of PT Tata Waskita which operates as logistic company in Tanjung Priok Port said that CFS Center in Tanjung Priok port already integrate the IT system with the owner of cargo. He also hopes that there will be improvement for the administrative operation in Tanjung Priok to make Tanjung Priok port as digital port a reality and to increase the efficiency of logistics services in Tanjung Priok.

Wisnu hoped CSF can take advantage from the vacancy of storage and field of ex. Samudera Indonesia to use it as extra storage facility so the CFS can increase the volume of cargo it can holds. Not only that, the traffic of container trucks coming in and out of the CFS Center has to be controlled to prevent congestion around CFS Center.

ALFI’s General Secretary, Adil Karim said that CFS Center in Tanjung Priok port should be moved to outside of the ports to prevent traffic congestion in ports. With many of storage facility for LCL cargo under customs jurisdiction located outside of the port, logistic business entity around Tanjung Priok believes CFS Center is not the most efficient solution for them because outside storage facility has lower probability to experience traffic congestion in ports, said Adil.


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