Tanjung Priok to Apply New Tariff

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 27/09/2018, 13:10


Tanjung Priok port authority has announced that they will adjust the port fees tariff in Tanjung Priok port. The adjusted tariff will come in form of increased tariff to increase the docker wages. The adjustment will vary from 5 percent to 20 percent.

Indonesian National Importer Association (GINSI) understood and also approved the port fees tariff adjustment for cargo services by Tanjung Priok port because the old tariff that was used until now has been considered as expired since 2015. The tariff hasn’t been adjusted since 2015, while the regional minimum wages has been adjusted every year and the price of oil has also increased in the last 4 year caused GINSI to think that the port fees tariff adjustment is reasonable.

In the last for years, from 2014 to 2018, the port fees tariff for cargo services hadn’t been adjusted even once. In the same time span, the docker wages has been increased by the average of 10 percent every year. According to Juswandi Kristanto, the Chairman of DPW APBMI Tanjung Priok, the docker wages has been increased by 50.16 percent in the last for year. In the last three year, the wages increased from IDR 150,571 in 2015 to IDR 190,000 in 2018.

After announcing the plan to increase the tariff, the Tanjung Priok port authorities invited the related stakeholder to sign the agreement about the increased port fees tariff in Tanjung Priok port. The agreement signing was held in August 2018 and was signed by Association of Indonesian Loading and Unloading Companies (APBMI) of DKI Jakarta, DPW of Indonesian Association of Logistic and Forwarder (ALFI) of DKI Jakarta, Indonesian National Importer Association (GINSI) DKI Jakarta, DPC Indonesia National Shipowners Association (INSA) Jaya. The signing was supervised by the IPC Tanjung Priok Management and the Tanjung Priok Port Authorities office.

Aria Senopati Lihu as the DPW Secretary of APBMI Jakarta said that the agreement that has been signed on August will be valid for 2 years.

Subandi, the Chairman of GINSI said that the tariff adjustment also related to GINSI’s suggestion to Tanjung Priok port authorities to reduce the tariff for Gantry Luffing Crane (GLC) that has been approved by port authorities. The GLC tariff was reduced from IDR 17,500 per tons to IDR 11,000 per tons. He also said that the average adjustment proposed from the IPC Tanjung Priok was 25 percent, but after a thorough discussion the adjustment came into the valued that has been agreed. This adjustment is lower compared to the new tariff appied in Tanjung Perak Surabaya that reach IDR 100,000 per ton.

The adjusted port fees tariff for livestock, commercial vehicle, bus, and truck will be increased by 5 percent. The added fees for the forklift mechanic will be increased by 20 percent for 5 to 10 ton/meter cubic (T/M3) per kolli and 15 to 25 T/M3 per kolli. As for the cargo above the size of 25 T/M3 per kolli will apply the actual cost.

The new tariff will be applied on Tanjung Priok port starting on October 1st 2018.

Other services fees adjustment is as the table shows:

Old Tariff
New Tariff

OPP/OPT General Cargo through warehouse

Rp 81.075/ton
Rp 87.081/ton

Trucklosing (TL) services

RP 57.720/ton
Rp 64.655/ton

Dry bulk cargo from ship

Rp 47.000/MT
Rp 50.290/MT

International liquid bulk cargo

Rp 26.000/MT
Rp 33.600/MT

Domestic liquid bulk cargo

Rp 23.000/MT
Rp 27.600/MT






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