Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 10/12/2018, 16:15


Muara Angke Port used to be called as Kaliadem Port is in process of transformation. Muara Angke is one of the six pilot ports that will undergo transformation to become a modern port of Indonesia. The government aims for a more modern and convenient port that works in an orderly fashion. The government hoped to improve the port’s customer satisfaction level.

One of many changes that will be done in the ports is ticketing digitalization. The digitalization of the ticketing process is the early step that has been taken by the government. The other changes that will be done are sterilizing the ports. The government will also make the regulation regarding the certification of the crew. Ports authority will also enforce the law strictly. All of them will be done in order to realize a modern ports of Indonesia.

R. Agus H. Purnomo, the Director General of Sea Transportation hoped that the socialization of the digital ticketing to be done massively. In order to make the customer understand the new program of Muara Angke ports faster and to get to a wider range of customer. He also hoped that the port manager could help to make the transformation to a modern, convenient, and orderly port a success.

Aside from Muara Angke port, there are five other ports that will also undergo a modernization transformation. They are Tanjung Pinang port, Bau-Bau port, Tulehu Ambon, Tarakan port, and Tanjung Perak port in Surabaya. These six ports will become the pilot project of the government to improve the service, safety, and security of sailing shipping.

Agus also hoped to establish a cooperation between every element in port. From Directorate General of Sea Transportation to port’s manager, ship owners, and to every stakeholders related to sailing and shipping. The aim is to improve the awareness on the importance of safety and security in sailing and shipping.

Agus also emphasize that every ship have to be equipped with suitable safety tool to ensure the safety of the cruise. He also warn every related parties to comply with the regulation. Starting from not littering to keep the ports and ships clean, to complying with the maximum ship load limit.


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