TPK Koja Unions Unify For Solidity to Face a Tighter Terminal Competition

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 20/03/2018, 15:29


The two labors union of Koja Container Terminal - TPK Koja took a historical decision today (March 20), unifying into one and only Serikat Pekerja TPK Koja, following the decision of Serikat Pekerja Bersatu (SPB) to join into the SP TPK Koja.

The decision, according to Chairman of SPB Farudi, is a historical decision to strengthen solidity of the TPK Koja workers, thus supporting a solid human resources to face a more tighter competition among terminals at Tanjung Priok. 

"This proves that all workers are solid and hand in hand to struggle for better workers' welfare. And this also proves that all are under the same commitment to build competitiveness to anticipate competition among terminals at Tanjung Priok," said Farudi. 

Farudi said the unification was recommended by annual assemby meeting on March 13. 

SP TPK Koja welcomes the decision and appreciates the SPB of its historical decision. 

"No one is the looser. We are all the winners. So no heartbreak. Let us hand in hand be under one union," Chairman of SP TPK Koja Joko Supriyanto said in his welcoming speech.

Dwi Untoro, Head of North Jakarta Manpower Department (Sudinaker) also appreciates the decision, saying: "We are really proud of this step."

"This unification will strengthen the bargaining position of TPK Koja Union. I think that this will bring a lot of benefits," he said.

TPK Koja management also says appreciation, expecting this will help to improve the terminal performance. "In addition, this will also help a better partnership with management especially in preparing the Collaborative Labor Agreement (CLA)," said Nurjadin Surur, TPK Koja HRD Manager.

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