Union: Nationalize JICT, Let Pelindo II Fully Control It

Damas Jati - , 07/03/2018, 16:00


Chairman of Jakarta International Container Terminal Union (SP JICT) Hazris Malsyah is urging President Joko Widodo to review the extension contract of Hutchison Port Holding (Indonesia)/HPH/HPI as there are indications to conclude the extension process has broken the Indonesia’s law and regulation.

This, according to Hazris, is a very bad message to foreign investment and can become a very bad example for other investors to break the nation’s low and regulation. 

"The solution is just review the extension contract with Hutchison. This extension contract creates much loss to the state income and further downgrades the national sovereignty. This has not in line with the vision of Jokowi’s Nawacita.”

“We (Union) are ready to support Pelindo II to fully take over this terminal (JICT). We are sure, under Elvyn G Masassya leadership, Pelindo II can fully control the management of this terminal,” Hazris said on his remark speech at the Union assembly meeting today (Wednesday, March 7).

Hazris explained that the conclusion of state auditor (BPK) saying that the extension creates Rp 4.08 trillion state losses would certainly threaten the investment climate. Hutchison, he said, has taken much profit from its participation during 19 years. JICT creates Rp 3-4 trillion income per annum, in which Hutchison hold 51% share.

"It can be understood why Hutchison is so ambitious to extend the contract before the deadline,” said Hazris.

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