White Book of Maritime Diplomacy

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 15/11/2018, 13:30


The concept of Indonesia as Global Maritime Fulcrum has been declared by President Joko Widodo in his speech at the ninth High Level Conference (KTT) of East Asia Summit (EAS) on November 13th 2014. The speech was delivered in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The government took a concrete step to realize the concept by releasing Indonesian Marine Policy (KKI). The said policy contain pillars that could help to direct Indonesia to realize their vision as the Global Maritime Fulcrum.

Indonesian ambassador for British Empire, Rizal Sukma said that the government need to immediately prepare a reference for maritime diplomacy. This is because one of many pillars contained in KKI is about maritime diplomacy. Rizal hopes that the government will immediately compile a specific technical reference on maritime diplomacy to be used by diplomat and related institution.

White Book

Indonesian Marine Policy (KKI) encourage the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affair to prepare a white book. The said book will contain the reference on maritime diplomacy to be used as technical reference, as the follow-up of KKI. The white book will soon be released by the said ministry as part of concrete steps taken to bring Indonesia closer to become the Global Maritime Fulcrum.

Odo Manuhutu, the asisstant deputi for navigation and maritime safety of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs said that the white book will be used as maritime diplomacy reference for every related stakeholders. This reference is one of the implementation of KKI which has been written in Presidential Decree number 16/2017.

At the moment, the white book is still under the process of legitimation by the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs. Budi Purwanto, the deputy assistant for legal and maritime treaty said that the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs hoped to start socializing the white book to every ministry and institution related to maritime sector. Moreover, the said ministry also want to socialize the white book to every delegation whose are abroad so the maritime diplomacy could be integrated and directed to achieve Indonesian vision as the Global Maritime Fulcrum.

Government Initiative

Indonesian government had already taken some initiative that could be seen as a form of maritime diplomacy. Some of them are the IORA (India Ocean Rim Association) forum, and Archipelagic and Island State (AIS) forum. Moreover, Indonesia’s leadership in some international forum related to maritime sector serve as concrete proof of the maritime diplomacy. Some of the said forum are Our Ocean Conference and United Nation’s regular workshop on Indian Ocean’s problem.




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