Indonesia is one of the world's largest emerging economy. The continuous growth in trade and business development with foreign firms is presenting new opportunities for all business sectors.Together with a batch of media experts, we at Indonesia Shipping Gazette, the Shipping Magazine has created the standard for shipping information. Its debut marks a milestone on the road to improved international and regional shipping schedules and information flow, a landmark pointing the way to high quality and reliable coverage of related shipping news, market information and shipping information.

The related information have been presented in a bright and contemporary format that makes the contents more accessible and the whole magazine easier to read and most importantly keep you on top of regional shipping schedules as well as around the world. A fully developed digest will provide a concise information overview of the latest shipping news and schedules critical to facilitate important business decision.

We are the only institution officially approved by the government to produce these valuable information. It's all designed to foster a long term relationship that brings the business community closer, simpler and ultimately more rewarding. But then the most profitable partnerships always are.