The Opening of Cold Storage Leads Dunex Logistics to "Total Logistics Solution", and Guarantee the Customers Satisfication in Indonesia

Edition: February 01, 2019

Price: Rp 40000 / USD 4

Summary: The Expansion of logistic business in Indonesia is very rapid. It also takes important role in goods distribution to many regions. However, not many logistic companies have complete and… See Details...

Ways to Lead The National Logistic Market

Edition: December 01, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: Since 2015, IPC’s subsidiary IPC Logistics / PT Multi Terminal Indonesia has been coming to a new era. It is completely acting as a total logistic provider, from three businesses… See Details...

Kyowa Shipping Strategy to Lead Market in Pacific Islands Region

Edition: November 01, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: In 2018, Kyowa Shipping, a Tokyo-based liner shipping with main services connecting Japan with Pacific Islands deployed two new 12,000DWT Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) Multi-Purpose vessels into Far East-Micronesia service. The two… See Details...

KALOG’s Biggest Contribution to Develop the National Logistic Connectivity via Railways

Edition: October 01, 2018

Price: Rp 40000 / USD 4

Summary: PT Kereta Api Logistik (KALOG) was formed to serve the railway based logistic distribution by providing door-to-doorservices to give excellent services to customers that are supported by pre and full… See Details...

GCL Strategy to Maintain High Performance within Logistics Business Challenges

Edition: September 03, 2018

Price: Rp 40000 / USD 4

Summary: Within the new era of technology-based business that triggers a tighter competition in the logistics business, appropriate strategies are needed. What are actually the challenges of doing logistics business at… See Details...

The Rupiah Weakening Does Not Encourage Export

Edition: August 06, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: Usually and theoritically the weakening of a state currency will encourage export from the country. Unfortunately, data and observer says that the weakening of Rupiah does not encourage export from… See Details...

Link Pasipik Group 12th Anniversary “Friendship, The Magical Power of Life”

Edition: July 23, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: In order to regain the spirit of work and maintain the sense of togetherness in one group, some forwarding companies who are incorporated in Link Pasipik Group (LPG) conducted an… See Details...

Innovation for Excellent Toward Digital Port

Edition: July 09, 2018

Price: Rp 40000 / USD 4

Summary: The management of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II(Persero )/ IPC's Port of Panjang, Lampung, continuously pushes service improvement to the port users. Through the tagline “Innovation for Excellent” the portoperator releases… See Details...

Idul Fitri Exodus an Better Transportation Management

Edition: June 25, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: Every year, during Idul Fitri Season, the management of transportation will become a corridor talk. It can be understood since the management of people exodus during the season can prove… See Details...

Why Do Forwarders (PPJK) Call for PMK 229/2017 Revision

Edition: June 04, 2018

Price: Rp 40.000 / USD 4

Summary: Though affirming its impact on creating efficiency, but customs clearance service providers (PPJK) mostly run by forwarders, are asking for revision of the regulation, relating the dateline of COO (certificate… See Details...