ALFI Appreciates UNS University of Taking Logistics Accounting as a Study Subject at Economy Faculty

Fundamental and holistic restructuring in Indonesia’s education system is needed in responding the existing condition and in creating competent graduates linking and matching with the industry requirement, Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association, has just recalled.

Hence, new education vision, mission, and strategy should be set up. Those aspects (vision, mission, and strategy) should consider to innovation and technology adoption, thus university graduation can be absorbed by the industry, including the logistics sector, Yukki said on his remark speech for the first class-session (virtual) of logistic accounting course subject at UNS University (Friday, September 18).

Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Sebelas Maret Solo (UNS University) has just included logistic accounting as a subject course.

He said competent human resources has become main issue in a company. The competence of human resources will support a company in reformulating products, rebranding, marketing, and in restructuring financial aspects.

He said it was the time to redesign human resources development, restructure company organization, and reset job description. He named this redesign as a ‘neo (new) essential strategy’.

“Opening logistics accounting as a course subject in university is one of the ways to realize this strategy,” Yukki said.

Yukki, who is also as Chairman of ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Association (AFFA), explained that taking logistics accounting as a course subject in university is so crucial since it will support to create competent human resources needed by logistics industry.

He expects in the future, this course subject (logistics accounting) will be supported by industry laboratories such as warehousing laboratory equipped with related IT systems of Transport Management System and Warehouse Management System.

“This is to support students to more easily understand how this industry is working,” he said.


Yukki says thanks and high appreciation to UNS University of having built a good cooperation with ALFI/ILFA. This good cooperation has encouraged to initiate some good programs, including opening this course subject in UNS.

This program, according to Yukki, will support the universities studies to be linked and matched with requirements of industries, the logistics industries in particular,” he said, adding that logistics has become a crucial part of any human activities.

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