Japan’s Grant of Patrol Boat Expected to Reduce Illegal Fishing

Government of Japan has just handed over Hakurei Maru, a patrol boat, to Indonesia government as grant from Japan to protect Indonesia’s waters from illegal fishing. Japan also provided cash grant of 2.2 billion yen (Rp274 billion) for maintenance and equipment.

Director of Asia Pacific Affairs of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry Santo Darmosumarto and Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii signed an exchange of notes marking the handover of the fishery patrol vessel on Friday, February 14, 2020.

“Indonesia suffers losses due to illegal fishing but the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries does not have patrol boat capable to protect Indonesia’s water from illegal fishing,” Economic Counselor of the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta Shimizu Kazuhiko said as quoted by Antara.

That is the reason why the Japanese fishery bureau decided to hand over the fishery patrol vessel to Indonesia with the aim of “improving the authorized agency’s capability to patrol fishing in the Indonesian sea,” he said.

Japan expressed the hope that the grant would contribute to maintaining economic and social stability and increasing the people’s welfare.

The vessel which was manufactured in 1993 is 63.37 meters long and has international standard tonnage of 741 tons. The vessel has a maximum carrying capacity of 29 people.

“After March 2020, we will provide training on the repair, use and sailing of the vessel. The vessel will be handed over to the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry in 2021,” Kazuhiko said.

The grant is the first of its kind the Japanese government extended to another country, he said.

The grant is also related to efforts to step up the capacity of law enforcement in the Indonesian maritime territory that will contribute to realizing the concept of “free and open Indian Ocean.”

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