ALFI Jabar Calls for Provincial Govt Concern on Logistics, to Improve Product Competitiveness

The massive development and improvement of infrastructure in West Java (Jabar) that support a better logistics activities have encourages investors to do more investment within the province, according to Indonesia Logostics and Forwarders Association Chapter West Java (DPW ALFI/ILFA Jabar).

Chairman of DPW ALFI Jabar M. Nuh Nasution mentions the development of International Airport and Sea Port Patimban are among others of infrastructure projects that can encourage investment.

“Those infrastructure potentially support Jabar to be the biggest manufacture center of the country. This region will become the backbone of Indonesia’s economy source to support this country be able to be competetitive globally and sources to create people welfare, for the people of Jabar in particular,” M. Nuh said in a press release this week (Monday, September 16).

M.Nuh Nasution has just been ellected as the Chairman of ALFI Jabar for the Period of 2019 -2024.

He said, the West Java Province is very potential to attract more investment in vew of its better infrastructure and human resources.

Hence, ALFI Jabar is calling the provincial government to involve more and more business stakeholders, including forwarding and logistics business players, in realizing the program of ‘Jabar Juara’ (Jabar the Champion).

“With our potencies, we are ready to create logistics ecosystem that can encourage better investment climate in West Java,” he said.

He said,  DPW ALFI Jabar has done some programs to improve the human resources through Jabar Logistics Education Center (JLEC), a vocational education in logistics and supply chain.

Business Simplification

In attracting more investment, ALFI Jabar initiates to do compaign on business simplification procedure.

Recently, for example, on the sideline of inauguration of executive board of ALFI Jabar on September 13, a discussion forum titled ‘Upaya PemprovJabar Meningkatkan Investasi dan Simplifikasi Perijinan Logistik Melalui OSS’ (provincial government strategy to attract more investment and simplification in logistics business permit) was conducted.

The discusion involved some key speakers from any related institutions, including West Java Customs Office, Deputy Assistant for National Logistics Development at Coordinating Minstry of Economy, West Java Indsurty Department for Domestic Trade, Deputy for Development and Operation of National Single Window (INSW), and President Director of Jabar Logistik.

The forum concluded that there are so many requirements and potencies of Jabar to be center of national economy. But, the forum also noted some challenges that need to be tackled.

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