Batam industrial market are focusing their service to the export market at the moment. However, with the development of Indonesia, domestic market also develop as well. Batam Concession Agency’s (BP Batam) Chief, Edy Putra Irawady estimate that there aremore than 250 million consumer from domestic market. With such potential market, Edy aims to fulfil the domestic market demand.

The first step toward fulfilling domestic market demand taken by Edy is proposing the status change of Batam. At the moment, Batam has the status of Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Edy is working to get approval for status change into Special Economic Zone (SEZ). By changing into Special Economic Zone, Edy expected many business could be facilitated to sell their product in the domestic market. Edy hopes that this could serve as the substitution for importing goods. BP Batam aims to help the nation reduce the amount of imported goods that can be produced domestically.

Along with the lines of being Special Economic Zone, Edy also hopes that Batam could become one of Indonesia’s main export gate. He wanted to collect all export goods from all over Indonesia in Batam then shipped those goods together in bulk. He said that with having an export center, they could reduce the logistic cost caused by ships that is not fully loaded. By shipping with fully loaded ship, they could reduce the cost for both producer and consumer.

His vision is working well along with the previous chairman vision. The previous BP Batam’s chairman had started the development project for Hang Nadim airport and Batuampar port. With developed airport and port, Edy’s vision to turn Batam into one of Indonesia’s export gate could be realized.

Edy also has other orientation in developing Batam aside from the logistic sector. He wants to develop the tourism sector of Batam. He said that Batam needs an annual event that could attract tourist to come visit Batam. He also stress the importance of healthcare and education service in order to develop Batam.

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