Encouraging IPC to a World Class Port Business Icon

State port operator PT.Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC has adequate potencies and resources to be a world class icon in port business, according to a port and logistics business practioner and observer.

To Indonesia Shipping Gazette, Wisnu Waskita, who is also an executive of logistic company PT Tata Waskita revealed this, but called for support from many parties to encourage IPC to realize the vision.

“Government and business stakeholders should support IPC’ vision and mission to a world icon, through optimizing the port business potencies,” he said.

In a bid to become a global player in port business, it needs comprehensive improvement, including the aspects of service system, controlling system, and government data quality, he said. In addition, Wisnu further said, it also calls for the application of up dated information technology,  increasing loading/unloading productivity, and improvement of port facilities and infrastructure.

Wisnu said, the Indonesian ports have some competitive advantage in view of their geographical position in particular. The vessels shipping from Indian Ocean to East Asia will pass through Indonesia’s strategic waterways, including straits Malacca, Sunda, Lombok, and Timor.

Most of the vessels sail via Malacca and Sunda Straits which are close to some Indonesia leading ports. And, most of the fleets passing via these straits are big vessels, including super tanker.

Two leading ports that must get more benefits from the potencies are Tanjung Priok and Belawan, while Tanjung Perak in Surabaya can be dedicated for the center of distribution for East Indonesia.

On the other hand, Wisnu expects the port operators, IPC in particular, to run the port operation according to international standard, including creating standard in cost per segment so being more efficient, improvement of asset management, and corporate organizing in line with business.

Wisnu affirmed some improvement taken by IPC, proving by some acknowledgement it got from the community. As reported earlier, IPC has just got four awards during BUMN Marketeers Award 2019 announced last week.

Those awards came from the categories of The Most Promising Company In Marketing, The Most Promising Company In Entrepreneurial, The Most Promosing Company In Tactical Marketing, and The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing.

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