Gateway Still Enjoyed Growth in the Market Slow Down

photo: Surya Kencana, Gateway Director (right) and Hesty Rosmawaty, Gateway Director (left)

Gateway Container Line, a leading Indonesia forwarding company in consolidator/LCL (Less than container load) still enjoyed a market growth in the first half (H1) 2019, thanks to some key strategies in maintaining the customer loyalty and the penetration to the new markets sources, Gateway Container Line top executives revealed it in a discussion with Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

“In general, the forwarding business in first half of this year (2019) was slow down. Fortunately, we (Gateway Container Line) still enjoyed a positive growth, though the growth is lower than last year (2018) and not reaching our target for the year,” Surya Kencana, Gateway Director told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

According to Surya, there are several key factors that made such slow down, mentioning the USA-China trade war has forced some business players to delay business investment. “Many business players are on ‘wait and see’ due to the situation. This is resulted in slow trade activities and finally gives effect to forwarding activities,” Surya said.

In addition to this global trend, Surya also mentioned the Indonesia’s political election that influenced the economy activity, including forwarding business.

Those global and national conditions have forced business players to postpone investment. The LCL business sector faced another challenge as some customers shifted their transporters to FCL (full container load). “The market of LCL became smaller,” Surya noted.

Though not reaching the target and the growth is lower than last year, but Surya is still satisfied with the Gateway performance, thanks to several strategies it took.

Surya mentions some key strategies the Gateway taken to keep the market growth. “There are two key strategies, namely doing market penetration especially to the industry zones and maintaining the existing customers loyalty,” he said.

Echoing the view, another Gateway Director Hesty Rosmawaty noted that to cover the market loss from LCL, Gateway has also taken focus to FCL business. “FCL is also the market we target to be involved. And we have started it, and it really help our growth,” she said.

Surya and Hesty also mentioned some market penetration activities outside LCL that Gateway has done to maintain the market including domestic project cargoes, Air Freight, and customs clearance (PPJK).

Hesty also revealed works to continue build brand awareness that will help the market expansion. She said, the brand awareness is done in any ways including via social media, several events that encourage the customers’ participation, and some others.

Though the business is slow down which is resulted in not reaching the target, but according to Hesty, the Gateway financial performance is very healthy. “It is true that our core business LCL is slow down. But, financially, we are helped by income from others works we handle including Air Freight, PPJK, and domestic project cargoes,” Hesty said.

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