GCL: Not just Providing Excellent Service, but Making Customers as Partner

Being an Indonesia’s leading consolidator in LCL forwarding business, Gateway Container Line (GCL) continues to make innovation. Any innovation it does will refer to its big vision. GCL vision is not just providing exellent service to customers, but further, to make customers as business partners.

What does it mean? “It means that we want to grow up together with our customers. We concern with their business growth,” Subagiyo, Chairman of GCL disclosed in a pre-event discussion with Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

The GCL vision as Subagiyo said got special concern on this year customer gathering, which was also done to celebrate the GCL 10th anniversary. The GCL vision was clearly mirrored in its theme written in the GCL Customer Gathering 2019 backdrop, conducted in JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta last night (September 7).

‘Together We Deliver Our Dreams’  written in the backdrop. “This is a message of our big vision. We encourage all our business networks and partners from around the world, and the customers in particular, to build similar dream for growing up together,” Subagiyo explained further on the vision, on his remark speech for the event.

Coming to 10th anniversarry is a momentum for GCL to hold this vision plus the business challenges in the last several years and the years to come that call for apprpriate startegy.

As reported earlier, though the logistics business was slow down, but GCL still enjoyed a market growth in the first half (H1) 2019, thanks to some key strategies in maintaining the customer loyalty and the penetration to the new markets sources.

“This year customer gathering is very special. Together with the celebration of 10th anniversary, this year Customer Gathering will also provide special appreciation to top GCL customers. In addition, most of our global networks and partners attend to join this event,” said Subagiyo.

GCL President Director Hesty Rosmawaty echoed Subagiyo’s speech, saying all GCL global networks, including from Thailand, Phillipine, Vietnam, India, and China and most of GCL business partners from

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Srilanka, Pakistan, UEA, England, Germany,  and Australia attended the event.

“Thanks to our customers, representative of our global networks, and our global partners who have joint this event.”

“Please, enjoy this country and this special event,” Hesty said in her remark speech.

Hesty explained that GCL has sent special prize to all top-ten GCL customers and would give similar opportunity to those 10 customers to be participants for the grand prize of Mitsubishi Expander. “This we do to show our real appreciation to our leading customers,” Hesty said.

ALFI Appreciation

Indonesia Logistics and Forwarding Association (ALFI/ILFA) appreciates GCL vision and strategy, encouranging this ALFI member to get those achievements.

GCL is a member of this Indonesia’s biggest logistics community organization ALFI/ILFA.

“This event shows and describes who and what is GCL and proves its achievement. As one of our member (ALFI member), we are so proud with this company,” Hary Susanto, ALFI/ILFA Vice Chairman told his proudness to GCL in a short commends to Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

“No doubt, with its global network it has built and the some big companies that have become its customer, GCL has done an appropriate strategy. We appreciate it very much,” he said. “Not much logistics companies that can do this in a very taugh and challenging market.”

On his remark speech, on behalf of ALFI Organization, Hary, who was also former President Director of State Owned Port Operator PT Pelindo I and Pelindo IV, underlined that the country’s economy was slow down due to both domestic situation and global condition.

“Trade war between US and China is one of key issue that significantly affects the global economy, including to Indonesia,” Hary noted.

“We have seen in the government report. We do not achieve our economy growth target. Even, in the years to come, our economy growth will be lower than 5 percent. This will automatically give impact to logistics business,” he said.

Harry suggested logistics companies to set up appropriate strategy for business survival and growth. “But what GCL has done and its achievement it has reached is a good example for other Indonesia’s logistics companies,” he said.

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