GINSI Clarification on Hallal Label of Import Meat

T­he issuance of Decree of Minister of Trade (Permendag) No 29/2019 on Guidelines of Import of Livestocks and related Products has nothing to do with the Hallal Label of Import Meat since the authority for hallal label is coming from Ministry of Agriculture, not from Ministry of Trade, Indonesia Importers Association  (GINSI) has said to clarify issues following the decree issuance.

Permit for importing meats with hallal label was released by Ministry of Agriculture, not by Ministry of Trade. Hence, the Ministry of Trade canot do withdrawal the label of hallal to those import products, said GINSI Genaral Secretary Erwin Taufan.

Taufan explained that GINSI has got valid information from the Ministry of Trade explaining that the Permendag does not regulate the label of hallal of the products. “It is Permentan (Decree of Minister of Agriculture) and not this Permendag, that regulates the label of hallal,” he said this morning (Wednesday, September 18).

As an importers association, GINSI needs to clarify the issue. He said the label of hallal has actually been covered by the Kementan, so no need for Kemendag to regulate it. This is to prevent regulation overlapping.

“Whenever a ministry has covered it, no need for other ministries to cover it again, so there is no overlapping,” he said.

GINSI supports  Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade to clarify this issue.

He asks the government to involve GINSI as strategic partner in making decision on policies of regulations relating importation.

“Doing coordination with related stakeholders before issuing regulation on importation is needed. Moreover, we all want our national logistics cost is more efficient. So, we need to monitor any regulations issued by the government,”  said Taufan.

As the report said, Kemendag has issued Permendag No 29/2019 on guidelines for export/import of livestocks and related products.

Earlier, Kemendag’s Director General of International Trade Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana said that there was rumor saying that label of hallal for import of livestocks and related products is not compulsary, following the Permendag issuance.

The rumor raised due to wrong interpretation to the Permendag No 59/2016. This Permendag clearly regulates the label of hallal. But, the truth is that this Permendag is only regulating its domestic distribution, not relating to the importation process.

Meanwhile, the Permendag 29, he said, is mostly meant to improve effectivity in the implemetation of export/import policies of livestocks and related products.

He said the Permendag 29 does not talk about hallal label. The hallal label is totally under the regulation Permentan, in which it regulates about the label of hallal.

“In conclusion, those regulations are not contradictive. The permendag does not witdraw the label of hallal. The label of hallal refers to the Permentan,” he said.

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