JICT the First Indonesia’s Terminal Handling International Transhipment

Since late February this year (2019), Tanjung Priok Port started service for international transhipment activities through Jakarta International Container Terminal, following the issuance of permit from Customs Authority.

Through an approval letter No S-2234/KPU/01/2018 issued by Tanjung Priok Customs (KPU Tanjung Priok), JICT is allowed to serve any international vessels to do transhipment  at JICT.

For this service, JICT has prepared dedicated area for cross terminal movement for both PT. JICT and TPK Koja.

Indonesia actually has some domestic transhipment terminals that have been running transhipment from some feeder ports nationwide and transhipped to some vessels running oceangoing service. According to data from IPC, in 2018, Tanjung Priok handled 1.2 million TEUS of domestic transhipment.

With the approval letter the JICT got as the first terminal to do international transhipment, Tanjung Priok will handle further than just domestic transhipment, to international one.

PT. JICT President Director Gunta Prabawa said proudness of this service, saying this service will create effiiciency in Indonesia supply chain activity.

With this service, JICT will handle the transhipment usually done in Singapore and Malaysian ports, thus adding the JICT’s service of domestic transhipment and intra-Asia. In addition, the international transhipment facilities will also help some long-haul direct calls from this terminal.

Gunta said the JICT infrastructure and facilities are absolutely ready for international transhipment activities. He said some examples, including berthing draft of -16 meter LWS, online and non-cash payment, automatic gates, loading unloading facilities of Crane (Twin lift), as well as partnership and connected operation  system with TPK Koja. In addition, this terminal has also been supported by customs and quarantine centers.

In addition to transhipment service, JICT remains the first Indonesia’s terminal that handles direct calls to some international ports in Europe, America, Africa, and Australia.

In the first three months of 2019, JICT handled four new services to JICT including the ones of Hyundai HMM and SITC as wells two services of CMA CGM Group, one of which is to Australia.

JICT, according to Gunta will continue to do more and more innovation, in a bid to increase customers’ trust. “We want JICT to continue giving the best. We want to be the best not only in Tanjung Priok, but throughout the country,” he said.


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