Port Authority Expected to Be Indipendent, Directly Responsible to President

Port Authoriy (PA) is expected to be an indipendent institution and will directly be responsible to President, thus it can fully monitor and control any activities at the port, according to Achmad Ridwan Tento, port and maritime business sector practicioner and observer.

Ridwan suggests to strengthen this institution role and function, while on the same time upgrade its status level, to the ministry level that will be directly responsible to President.

In adition, the absence of law specifically regulating the port affairs is also said as a problem, creating port inefficiency and high logistics cost.

“Indonesia has more than 2,000 ports of any types nationwide. It needs a strong institution to control and regulate them,” Ridwan who is also General Secretary for Indonesia Maritime Safety and Security Experts Associates (AKKMI) said in Jakarta on Wednesday, March 13.

He said poor syncronization among regulations relating port affairs has resulted in a partial low enforcement, creating law uncertainty.

He noted, any acceleration for trade agreement should refer to the article 33 of Law UUD 1945 and Shipping Law No 17/2008 on Shipping.

Law certainty should be represented in simplification, transparency, and standardization of trade procedure and document. “And this should be supported with a fluent flow of goods and port efficiency under Port Authority full control,” he said.

“The coordination can run optimal only if the structure of OP is getting stronger. It should be at the level of ministry that will be directly responsible to president,” Ridwan who is also General Secretary of Indonesia Maritime and Logistic Wacth (IMLOW), said further

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