Hoping Coronavirus Vaccine for Business Recovery, Aptrindo Hails SOEs Minister Efforts

The impact of coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak to economy activity, including to the sector of transportation, is still continuing. The pandemic is even threatening the country into an economy recession, after facing a negative growth in two quarters, the audited Q2 and the predicted Q3.

Trucking business was also deeply affected by this pandemic outbreak, making truckers call for providing its vaccine soon to end this pandemic outbreak.

“It needs a very appropriate step to end this crisis. The provision of its (covid-19) vaccine is the most urgent step to end this pandemic,” commends Wisnu W Pettalolo, General Secretary of Indonesia Trucking Companies’ Association (Aptrindo).

Wisnu admitted the government steps to find the vaccine, sent special appreciation to the efforts of Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir on his high efforts to find the vaccine. “Erick Thohir has been so proactive in finding the vaccine. We really appreciate him,” Wisnu told Indonesia Shipping Gazette this morning, Wednesday, September 30.

Erick, was currently also acting as Chairman of Committee for Covid-19 Resolve and National Economy Recovery Treatment (KPCPEN). “We think that Erick is totally serious to handle this. And, we are so optimistic the solution will come soon,” said Wisnu.

He said that business players were definitely expecting the vaccine be ready as soon as possible to end this pandemic, thus making the economy and business recover.

The availability of Covid-19 vaccine, he said, was needed not only by the community, but also for business sector. “Uncertainty due to this pandemic has seriously affect the business sector, including the ones of UMKM (small and medium scale business). The availability of the vaccine will end uncertainty, thus encouraging the business to recover,” he said.

Wisnu appreciated the SOEs Minister who had stated that as many as 30 million doses of vaccine would be ready by the end of this year. “This is good news. We appreciate for this effort,” he said.

Erick earlier said that the vaccine would be provided under a cooperation with China’s pharmacy company Sinovac. The clinic trial for this vaccine has been passed the third phase.

Wisnu also saluted with the national pharmacy company PT Bio Farma (Persero) of its commitment to produce more than 250 million doses of vaccine per annum. This is absolutely a good news for business. This will accelerate the national economy recovery, according to Wisnu.

“We, transportation and logistics business players, say high appreciation to government, especially to the Minister of BUMN,” he said.

Erick Thohir has earlier proposed two models in financing the vaccine provision to the central government and House of Representative (DPR). First, the vaccine provision will be finance by state budget (APBN), and second, it will be self-financed by the community.

The first model will be allocated through BPJS with beneficiaries of low-income community.

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