How Should Forwarders Keep Customer Trust during This Pandemic

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Amid the coronavirus that most of business were forced to minimize operational, but forwarders are expected to continuously serve its customers.

Link Pasipik Indonusa (LPI) – Blue Sea, one of Indonesia’s leading forwarder in consolidation shares some key strategies during this pandemic. “We are doing shifting system. Some are WFO (work from office) and some others are WFH (work from home),” said Yulia Ningrum, General Manager of LPI.

“In brief, amid this pandemic, we continue to provide excellent service quality but we follow the government protocols to prevent further spread of this virus. Shifting system and doing WHF are parts of our efforts,” she said.

Though until now LPI has not revised the target yet, but it will be very probable. In doing the revision, LPI will refer to the condition of macro and micro economy and the market condition.

However, she affirmed that the covid-19 outbreak has forced forwarding companies, including LPI, not to optimize its programs in business expansion nor programs for customer care, resulting in delay of some programs.

What should be done by forwarders to keep customer trust in this very hard time, how their market growth during this pandemic, and its impact to the business development, please read it in the completed story  in the cover story of Indonesia Shipping Gazette, May Issue.

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