Indonesia Export to China Fell by 12.07% in January

Indonesia total export to China fell 12.07% in January, significantly contributing to the overall Indonesia’s export drop and a bigger trade deficit during the month, according to Central Bureau of Statistics BPS.

BPS Head Suhariyanto said non-oil exports to China saw the sharpest decline on a month-on-month basis. “Overall, total exports to China fell by 12.07 percent,” Suhariyanto told a press conference early this week.

Compared to December, exports to China were down by $211.9 million. The next biggest losers were exports to India, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea.

However, exports to China rose by 17.23 percent when compared to the same month last year.

As reported earlier, total exports stood at $13.41 billion, down by 7.16 percent from the previous month and by 3.71 percent from January last year. Total imports were valued at $14.28 billion, a decline of 1.6 percent from December and 4.78 percent from January last year.

The trade balance suffered a deficit of $864.2 million in January due to a $1.18 billion deficit in the oil and gas sector, despite a $320 million surplus in the non-oil sector.

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