IPC Targets to Book Rp13 Trillion Revenue This Year

Though the effect of global economy slow will still to continue this year, but state port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC is very optimistic with volume growth and revenue increase this year.

IPC targets to handle more than 8 million TEUS this year and expects to book income of Rp 13 trillion and profit of Rp 3.01 trillion, all higher than its achievement last year.

In 2019, IPC handled 7.66 million TEUS, a slightly increase from 7.60 million TEUS in previous year. The revenue and profit also increased. The revenue reached Rp 12 trillion, up from Rp 11.4 trillion in 2018. The profit was up from Rp 2.4 (2018) to 2.8 trillion. IPC’s profit exceeded the target of Rp 2.6 trillion in this tough year.

Elvyn G Masassya, President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC expects a more promising growth in 2020, though he admitted that the effect of situation in 2019 will still sphere the business in 2020. “In 2019, there were so many investors took the strategy on ‘wait and see’. The effect will continue in 2020. But, we are optimistic,” he said.

Though the economy slow down might still affect the business this year, but Elvyn is so optimistic with the IPC growth since this company has also taken some expansion strategies through its subsidiary companies.

The corporate has encouraged its subsidiary to do expansion through business coverage penetration outside the existing coverage. “This year for example, our subsidiary of IPC TPK and PTP Multipurpose will expand to Batu Ampar,” he said.

(The detailed strategy of IPC to meet the target can be found in Indonesia Shipping Gazette Magazine, February 2020 Edition)

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