Special Task Force Needed for Post Covid-19 Economy Recovery

The government is expected to set up special task force for economy recovery from the effect of coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak. This is to prevent the country from sharpest crisis that might be worse than the 1998 crisis.

This task force, according to Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, is expected to collect more detailed and comprehensive data on the effect of the covid-19 outbreak. Those data will become references in formulating policies for economy recovery after the pandemic.

In addition, this task force is also expected to do monitoring of any policies and programs for minimizing the negative effect of this pandemic to any kind of businesses, including logistics sector.

“This is good in a bid to make sure all those policies and program will run consistent, transparent, and effective,” Yukki said.

Yukki affirmed that the effect of covid-19 has hit any business sectors including industry and trade and logistics and supply chain. “Since it hit all sectors, the task force involved multi sectors, meaning that member of this task force should represent any business sectors,” he said.

Yukki expects all government policies relating business should be able to create business certainty. He noted some policies for the pandemic that even created uncertainty. “For example, the government issued the policy to close domestic flights. This totally disturbed the cargo delivery.”

The stop operation of domestic flights, he said, had halted the export of tuna fish from East Indonesia. “The export of tuna fish has been usually delivered via air cargo. Unfortunately, the export should be stopped for a while due to the absence of domestic flights. As a result, our fishery industry suffered loss from the potential market.”

Yukki also mentioned some other problems during the period of PSBB (large-scale social distancing). He said, some local governments still tightly did check to some cargo vessels, cargo trucks and other cargo transport vehicles. “The regulation is clear. No prohibition for cargo transportation.”

The task force, he said, is set up to make sure the regulations will run properly.

Yukki appreciates the government’s commitment to provide some fiscal and monetary incentives to the business sectors, especially for small- and medium-scale business sector (UMKM).

He said, the government would give incentives of tax cut of PPh 21, free VAT import/export for certain products.

“We appreciate with those commitments. But, we expect that those incentives should be given on time and right on the target, otherwise many business, including logistics sectors, will go bankrupt,” he said.

He also expects that the additional state budget (APBN) worth Rp 405.1 trillion for Covid-19 will be soon realized. “We hope it will be disbursed fast and transparently,” he said.

In addition to do monitoring and controlling the realization of those fiscal incentives, the task force is also expected to make sure the availability of goods, including the raw materials for industry. For example, the government has simplified regulations on import lartas (limited prohibition).

“We hope those policies will run as expected. That is why we need a special task force to make sure all policies and programs during this pandemic can run as expected,” Yukki said


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