Top Five Exporter Countries of Indonesia’s Industry Products in 2019

Last year (2019), during January-November, industry sector created export value of US$ 153.11 billion, contributing around 75.57% of total Indonesia’s export along the period, according to Ministry of Industry.

The ministry released the top five export country of destination, in which USA stayed at the top with contribution of US$ 15.62 billion, and then followed by China (US$ 15.50 bln), Japan (US$ 10.13 bln), Singapore (US$ 8.16 bln), and India (US$ 5.88 bln).

The ministry also released the top three industries that contributed the highest. Food and beverage industry still contributed the highest, reaching US$ 24.30 billion, then followed by steel industry (US$ 15.99 bln) and textile and garment (US$ 11.83).

Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita explained that the government had taken some strategic steps to increase export of industrial. “Making our industry products more competitive through optimizing the export of our leading commodities,” Agus said.

“We also did tariff cut through optimizing the free trade agreement, provided export financing facilities, and did international promotion,” he said.

Agus expects all Indonesia’s ambassadors to actively promote any Indonesia’s products to all countries worldwide, especially the non-traditional countries.

“In a bid to cut our trade deficit, we must take some key strategies to increase our export,” he said.

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