Consortium to Start Operation of Patimban Car Terminal in November, Container Terminal in 2024

The consortium winning the bidding as operator of the new port of Patimban is targeting to start the operation of car terminal in November this year (2021). This consortium consisting of four corporations is also targeting to operate the container terminal in 2024 until its construction work is completed.

Until now, the consortium was preparing to complete the permit as operator and to procure any facilities for the port operation. 

The consortium members include PT CTCorp Infrastruktur Indonesia (CTII), PT Indika Logistics & Support Services, PT U Connectivity Services, and PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya.

The government has announced this consortium as the winner of Patimban Port Operator via Bisnis Indonesia on December 30, 2020. 

And, until the consortium officially starts operation, as the reports have said, the Ministry of Transportation had just appointed state port operator PT Pelindo III as interim operator. 

In a press statement this morning (Thursday, January 14), Vice President Director of PT Indika Logistics & Support Services (ILSS) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi explained that the consortium would start to operate Patimban Car Terminal in November 2021, expecting all supporting facilities and permit be ready before the date. 

He said the operational of Patimban Port would be divided into two, car and container terminals. “We target to start the car terminal operation in November, while the container terminal in next three years (2024),” Yukki said in the press statement. 

In view of its location closed to industrial centres in West Java, the Patimban Port will help to create logistics business efficiency and to minimize the problems of congestion in Tanjung Priok, according to Yukki.  

In addition, this port is expected to be a back-up outlet zone to reduce heavy traffic of the Capital City of Jakarta as it will remove some of the land transportation burden to this new port.  

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Partnership Scheme

Yukki, who is also the spoke person of the consortium, explained that the operation of this port will be under partnership scheme between government and private corporations (Kerjasama Pemerintah dengan Badan Usaha/KPBU). The consortium, led by CTII and ILSS, will become operator of the port until the end of the concession period.  

With their expertise and extensive background, the consortium members, Yukki said, are committed to make this port operation successful, to provide best service to customers, and to support Indonesia’s product and trade more competitive in global market. 

Yukki, who is also the Chairman of ASEAN Federation of Forwarders’ Association (AFFA) and Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association (ALFI/ILFA), explained that Patimban is built as the first Indonesia’s first-class port integrating any supply chain activities (supply chain integrated port).   

“Further, Patimban is expected to create social benefits and multiplier effect on building up local (West Java) economy,” said Yukki.

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