Improvement Helps JICT to Enjoy Volume Growth, by 9.70% until May

In the first five months this year (January-May 2021), Indonesia’s leading container terminal – Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) enjoyed a positive performance.

Amid the pandemic Covid-19 that hit the economy and trade activity in general, but since the beginning of the year, JICT’s volume has increased significantly, triggering a positive growth of Tanjung Priok Port international trade volume.

Data says, JICT handled 807,239 TEUs (twenty-feet equivalent unit) in January-May 2021, increasing 9.70% year on year, from 734,007 TEUs in January-May 2020.

April volume contributes the highest, reaching 180,774 TEUs, then subsequently followed by March (170,671 TEUs), January (165,265 TEUs), May (148,070 TEUs), and February (142,458 TEUs).

Though February contribution to the total remains the lowest, but in view of yearly growth, February remains the highest, increasing by growing by 21.63% YoY, from   164,168 to 142,458 TEUs. The second highest growth takes place in May, by 20.69%, from 122,682 to 148,070 TEUs, then subsequently followed March (7.03%, from 159,456 to 170,671 TEUs), April (5,98%, from 170,578 to 180,774 TEUs), and January by 0.67%, from 164,168 to 165,265 TEUs.

As the leading container terminal in Tanjung Priok, the JICT increasing volume has positively impacted the positive growth of Tanjung Priok during the period. According to Indonesia Shipping Gazette data, Tanjung Priok container throughput grew by 7.18% in first quarter, in which domestic and oceangoing grew by 15.69% and 3.47%, respectively.

In addition to the increasing volume from the existing services, JICT positive productivity this year is also helped by some new services in the early year. As reported earlier, JICT handled some new additional services early this year, including TS Line’s NSJ with first call on Friday, March 12, the SITC CMI 2 (China Malaysia Indonesia) Service with first call on Thursday, March 18.

Ade Hartono: “This indicates the trust of our customers to optimize our facilities.”

“We are so proud with those new services that have totally help increasing our throughput. Our high appreciation to those new services. This indicates the trust of our customers to optimize our facilities,” said Ade Hartono, JICT President Director.

In view of the increasing trend in the first five month, Ade is so optimistic that this year, JICT volume will exceed 2 million TEUs, increasing from 1.8 million last year (2020).

Customers Satisfied

Some contacted sourced from JICT customers appreciate with this achievement, saying this proves JICT’s capability to maintain customers and to attract new services to come.

“Overall, we are so satisfied with JICT services,” commends Dhany Novianto, Managing Director of MSC Indonesia.

Dhany Novianto, Managing Director of MSC Indonesia

Dhany Novianto : “Overall, we are so satisfied with JICT services.”

“In addition to a satisfying services during operation, JICT management has shown a very improved responses to customers, especially a fast decision making in tackling problems,” Dhany said further.

MSC remains one of JICT leading customers the number one carrier in 2020 for Indonesia exports to US East Coast with a market share of 18.47% and to the US Gulf Coast with a market share of 28.38%, according to Container Trades Statistics (CTS). CTS figures also show that MSC is the leader for Indonesia exports to East Mediterranean and Black Sea with a market share of 26.7% and to West Mediterranean and North Africa with a market share of 24.3%.

“We have a very good cooperation with JICT,” added Dhany.

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